Build a holiday care package they'll love
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Build a holiday care package they'll love

Last Updated: 03/18/2024


During the holiday season, gifting is one of the ways we show love and appreciation for our friends and family. One of the simplest ways we can offer the gift of wellness this year is by curating a holiday care package, curated according to the individual needs of the people we are shopping for and tailored to our budget.

At Saje, all of the gift sets and products we offer are thoughtfully made with the highest quality ingredients and materials available to us, intended to bring joy and spread wellness to those who receive them.

Read on to learn more about our top suggestions for building a holiday care package this season.


When thinking about how to build the ultimate care package, our minds immediately go to considering a diffuser. What exactly is a diffuser, you ask? Simply, a diffuser is a device that breaks down water molecules and 100% pure essential oils into a fine, cool mist that helps bring pleasant aromas into your home and also creates negatives ions to help enhance your overall well-being. We love diffusers because of the way you can use them to personalize the way you want your home to look, smell and feel.

Diffusers we think they’ll love:

Aroma (Be) Free Kit – Celebration Edition: this is a gift set that includes our top-selling, cordless and rechargeable diffuser called the Aroma (Be) Free. Offered in classic and timeless matte white, this unit can run both continuously or intermittently for between 4-8 hours, and can be moved freely throughout your home to help you bring wellness with you. Bonus: it also includes a full size bottle of our limited-edition holiday scent called Joyful Blooms, with sweet and uplifting jasmine and magnolia.

Aroma Lift Kit – Uplifting Edition: the Aroma Lift is a design-forward diffuser offered in a trendy black and white marbled pattern. This diffuser also offers continuous and intermittent diffusing, with an impressive 5-10 hour run time. Coupled with two scents, minty, clearing Refresh and bright, cheery Festive Friday, this kit is an excellent way to help anyone bring added freshness into their space. 


Of course if you’re including a diffuser in your holiday care package, you’ll want to consider some of our favorite scents of the season. Not all of the diffusers we offer include blends, so here are a few of the holiday-themed blends we know we’ll be gifting this year:

Diffuser blends we think they’ll love:

All The Feels: a well-loved warm and cozy holiday scent, All The Feels is blended with sweet and comforting orange, balsam peru and clove.

Cabin Cozy: a brand-new diffuser blend exclusive to holiday 2021, Cabin Cozy is a woody and spicy blend of virginia cedar, black pepper and cardamom.

Peppermint Twist: a fan-favorite holiday blend, this popular citrus-mint blend includes peppermint, orange and balsam peru.



Next up, our ideal care package would include some of the tried-and-true favorite products from Saje, our roll-ons. These are pocket-sized products that pack a big punch, allowing you to create a personal moment of wellness whenever the urge arises by rolling onto different areas of the body like the temples, throat, wrists and behind the ears. Our roll-ons are blended to be safe for direct application to the skin and can also be further diluted, if you choose.

Roll-ons we think they’ll love:

Reflection grounding oil blend: this balancing and harmonzing roll-on is a soothing blend of frankincense, myrrh, orange and ginger. Formulated to help you connect to yourself, find inner stillness and sit in quiet contemplation, we think this blend is perfect for a moment of wellness during the busy holiday season.

Connection heartwarming oil blend: this bright, uplifting and restorative roll-on is a harmonizing blend of spearmint, bergamot and roman chamomile. Formulated to help you feel connected to yourself, others and nature, this blend reminds us to prioritize connection this holiday season. 


Lastly in our holiday care package, we’re recommending including wellness products that help support them in looking and feeling their best. We’ve recently launched a brand-new skincare collection, formulated to support all skin types and all skincare goals. A few of our favorites this year come in ready-to-gift packaging that fit seamlessly into any care package:

Skincare products we think they’ll love:

Clay Date: at-home facial kit: this all-in-one kit contains three products to help them feel like they’ve just stepped out of the spa. Our popular Detox Mode clay face mask, with bamboo charcoal, kaolin clay and frankincense essential oil is paired with our bamboo charcoal konjac sponge for daily cleansing and exfoliation. The third item, a eucalyptus-green headband is made from innovative pineapple husk fibres for both fashion and function.

Mistle-Glow Duo: this facial massage kit is sure to please anyone who receives it this year! We’ve paired our brightening, hydrating Glow On face oil with a luxurious facial sculpting tool that will leave you feeling like you’ve just received a pampered facial treatment. This tool is designed to sculpt, massage and contour your face while the face oil smoothes and restores. Use them together or separate according to personal preference! 


When considering building the ultimate gift kit this holiday, it’s important to remember that the best gifts are those that come from the heart. When you know someone well, when you take the time to be thoughtful and intentional with what you’re gifting, it’s always reflected in the outcome. Here are some tips for creating the best gifting experience:

  1. Make it personal. What do you know about the person you’re gifting? Would they prefer a black or white diffuser? Do they prefer warm and spicy scents or are they more of a citrus or floral person? Curating a gift basket with highly individualized products will make them feel seen and cared for.
  2. Less is more. A larger gift basket doesn’t necessarily mean a better gift! It’s true what they say that ‘good things come in small packages’ and in this case, it might mean that when selecting items to add to your gift, it matters more if they will be valued and appreciated than if they cost a lot or come in a big, fancy box.
  3. The real gift is you. Most importantly, remember that the friends, family and loved ones you’re shopping for this holiday season have already received the best gift there is, which is your love and attention in their life.
May your holidays be as bright as your spirits are light.

—Norman MacEwen

Contributor & Editor
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