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What is a diffuser?

Last Updated: 03/06/2024

Starting at the beginning: what is a diffuser?

Let’s get right back to basics; what is a diffuser? Sometimes also called an ultrasonic diffuser, a diffuser is a device that breaks down water molecules and 100% pure essential oils into a fine, cool mist that you breathe in through the nose and mouth. The mist that is dispersed throughout the room from a diffuser is thought to create a pleasant aroma in the air, as well as have benefits to our health, which we will dive deeper into.

To further help you understand the mechanics of a diffuser, let's talk about the technology a diffuser was modeled after. Diffusers have evolved from nebulizers, which are a piece of medical equipment that was created to administer medications directly and quickly into the lungs. A nebulizer has the ability to turn medicine into a very fine mist particle, which would then be inhaled directly through a mouthpiece or a face mask. Nebulizers were and are used to treat certain respiratory conditions like asthma or COPD; any condition in which there is an obstruction preventing airflow directly to the lungs.

A diffuser, though less of a piece of medical equipment, has evolved to be a unit that is not only functional, but has a high aesthetic appeal in the home.

What is a diffuser going to provide benefit-wise?

Aroma Om Deluxe Diffuser  

There are a number of benefits to using a diffuser in your home, and we will discuss the main three reasons in this article.

The primary reason that people may choose to use a diffuser has to do with creating a personalized, curated aromatic experience. For many people, scent plays a big part in creating ambience. Ambience, or how we want to feel in our space, also plays a role in how welcoming or inviting we feel our space to be. Using essential oils that you enjoy the smell of like crisp, zesty citruses or fresh, woodsy tree scents allows you to create a vibe in your home that is tailored to your unique wants and needs.

The second reason people choose to use a diffuser in their home has to do with the health benefits of breathing in negative ions. This article speaks at length to the benefits to negative air ions and their effects on human health, detailing such biological effects of negative ions like “playing important roles in basic patterns of life, including sleep and mood regulation”. Simply put, breathing in negative ions, like those created by a thunderstorm or a crashing waterfall, for example, are very good for you.

The third reason for using a diffuser, and more of a secondary benefit, is that diffusers produce a small amount of humidity in the atmosphere. Though not their primary function due to their small tank size, there is a nominal amount of humidity produced that can be beneficial to your health. You can read more on the differences between diffusers vs humidifiers here.

What is a diffuser used for? 

Today, we use diffusers for a number of reasons. We know that diffusers require very minimal effort yet yield maximum benefit when it comes to freshening the air and adding ambience to a room or home. Many people use diffusers specifically to scent the home according to their preference, as well as to help set the tone for how they want to feel in their space.

Some of the most popular reasons that people choose to use a diffuser in their home are to help give them a natural boost of vitality throughout the day, or to help create a relaxing and tranquil environment as the day comes to a close. We like to highlight the different circumstances in which you might find that a diffuser would be a welcome addition to your home wellness routine:

Morning or daytime use. If you’re looking to start your day with a natural boost or a substitute for your 2nd cup of coffee, a diffuser may just be the perfect way to do it. To provide invigoration and stimulation, you’ll want to choose diffuser blends with essential oils that are renowned for their uplifting properties, like mints and citruses.

Afternoon or early evening use. When you’re wanting to signal to your body that it’s time to relax, look no further than balancing and harmonizing essential oils like many different florals and herbs. Creating a routine with certain scents can signal to the brain that it’s time to move from one activity to another; for example, if you diffuse calming scents like lavender or chamomile in the afternoon, you may find yourself in the habit of transitioning from screens like laptops and cell phones to books or in-person conversations quite naturally.

Nighttime use. Our personal favorite way to use a diffuser is in conjunction with a nighttime routine. Certain essential oils, typically grounding and stabilizing base notes like frankincense, vetiver and valerian are prized in aromatherapy for their reputed use in encouraging both the body and mind to unwind and head towards rest. Because all of our diffusers are auto-shutoff, this means you don't have to worry about running a diffuser through the nighttime as it will simply turn itself off once the water tank has emptied. 

What is a diffuser that will support my air in my environment?

At Saje, we offer a number of diffusers that can elevate your wellness routine and provide quick, effective results in terms of freshening the air and creating the ambience you seek within your space.

Choosing a diffuser can be based on any number of factors. Consider the size of the space you would like to use a diffuser in or any of the specific functionalities you may desire in a diffuser. Different functionalities include an optional light feature, an intermittent setting or a certain type of material the unit is made from, for example.

Some of our most popular diffusers are outlined below:

Aroma Om white ultrasonic diffuser: also available in black ceramic and grey cement, this is by far our most popular diffuser both aesthetically and functionally. With a continuous and intermittent run time of 3 or 6 hours respectively, this unit also comes with an optional LED light feature. The small size of this unit makes it ideal for a home office or bedside table.

Aroma Om Diffuser

Aroma Om Deluxe stone ultrasonic diffuser: also available in ceramic white and black, this is the largest and longest running diffuser we offer. With an optional LED light feature and both a high and low output option, this diffuser can run between 11-22 hours, depending on the setting. The large size of this diffuser makes it ideal for open concept spaces like living rooms and dining rooms. It’s worth noting that diffusers with run times as long as the Aroma Om Deluxe will benefit from refreshing the essential oil added every 4-6 hours, in order to keep the aroma optimized. 

Aroma Om Deluxe Diffuser

What is a diffuser going to include?

Each diffuser we offer at Saje comes with a number of important pieces each designed to help your unit function optimally. Firstly, almost all diffusers on the market use electric energy, meaning that they are corded and plug into an electrical outlet on the wall. Some of the units we offer have a toggle switch and buttons on the cord, though the majority of the units have buttons directly on the device.

Each diffuser comes with it’s own instruction manual, and this is an important part of keeping your diffuser in its best condition. The manual provides information, often in diagram form, of all the different pieces of your new unit, as well as troubleshooting tips, cleaning and safety instructions. You’ll want to read through this manual to ensure you’re using your diffuser to its maximum potential.

With the exception of some of our limited edition kits or gift sets at Holiday, our diffusers and diffuser blends are sold separately so that you have the opportunity to truly personalize the experience you’re going to have with your new diffuser.

What is a diffuser blend I can use to support my wellness?

Refresh Diffuser Blend

At Saje we offer over 25 core collection diffuser blends, plus many limited edition options that we offer throughout the year and at Holiday. Variety is the spice of life, and offering such a robust collection of diffuser blends ensures there truly is an option for everyone.

Here are some options for diffuser blends to help create a certain mood or feeling within your home:

Blends for feeling uplifted and rejuvenated:

Liquid Sunshine diffuser blend: our best-selling blend of lime, bergamot and grapefruit that smells like freshly squeezed fruit juice in the summertime

Refresh diffuser blend: a freshening and deodorizing blend of eucalyptus, spearmint and lemon to banish tough odors from cooking smells to kids and pets

Blends for feeling relaxed and calm:

Unwind diffuser blend: a warm and serene blend of lavender, bergamot and cinnamon to help ease your mind out of stress and into relaxation

Blends to help transition to a restful night:

Tranquility diffuser blend: diffuse this blend of lavender, marjoram and roman chamomile for a night of peaceful slumber

Dream State diffuser blend: drift away to dreamland with this tranquil and serene blend of valerian, lavender and geranium 

What is a diffuser not used for? 

As with any new-to-you wellness product, a diffuser may not be right for everyone under all circumstances. It’s important to check in with a trusted medical practitioner before introducing anything new like a diffuser into your wellness routine. Though diffusers are safe and beneficial for most users, it’s never a bad thing to check in with a professional if you have any specific questions about what may or may not be right for you and your family.

Happy diffusing!

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