Eater's Digst roll-on sitting placed on a kitchen counter next to fresh fruits and vegetables
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Natural Ways to Support Gut Health and Digestive Health

Last Updated: 01/18/2024

What’s what in the world of gut and digestive health

One visit to your local drug store or grocery market is all it takes to see that the business of gut health and digestive support is booming. Shelves are virtually overrun with supplements, detox kits and take-home concoctions that promise to help you with everything from weight loss management, to revealing clearer and brighter skin, to encouraging regulating your sleep cycle. In short, you can hardly visit a business either online or in person these days without inundation in support of an optimally functioning digestive system.

As of 2021, the global digestive health market size was valued at $38.8 billion and is projected to reach $90.2 billion by 2031; we’re not fooling around when it comes to making choices that will support us in feeling our best each day. The challenge that exists for us as consumers is breaking through the noise and weeding out the less desirable products in favor of those with a proven track record of success.

Fennel, peppermint and more: Eater’s Digest

Enter: Saje Natural Wellness. We’ve been in the business of plant-derived, nature-supported and science-backed 100% natural wellness formulas for more than 30 years. We’ve helped improve the lives of countless hundreds of thousands of community members through our proven remedial and effective blends that have created solutions for many common daily ailments like stress, lethargy and sluggishness, aches and pains, cough and cold and more. One of our original formulations, Eater’s Digest is licensed by Health Canada as a Natural Health Product (NHP), and was issued a Natural Product Number (NPN), to bolster its claim as being used in aromatherapy to help soothe the effects of stomach discomfort and support healthy digestive function.

Eater's Digest roll-on on a kitchen counter next to a bowl of salad and a cutting board with fresh fruits and vegetables on it

A balancing and comforting blend in support of your physical wellness and relief from symptoms of digestive upset like stomachache and indigestion, this relieving blend helps you to feel at ease, formulated with nurturing and renewing essential oils known to help tame tummy troubles.

To use this blend, we suggest applying it directly to the stomach and massaging it in a clockwise direction, which is the direction of digestive flow in the body. Some people also like to smell the blend directly from the bottle, to help curb feelings of nausea that can often accompany an upset stomach. Now to learn more about what makes the blend so special! We’ll dive deeper into the key ingredients in the formula to help us learn more about what makes this blend so effective at supporting your physical wellness and your healthy digestive function.

Fennel, peppermint and more: key ingredients for gut health

The Eater’s Digest formula is one of the product mainstays we have come to rely on when it comes to helping ease symptoms of poor gut health and digestive discomforts, ranging from upset stomach and heartburn to nausea and bloating. In aromatherapy, there are various essential oils that have been studied for the way they provide comfort and relief to the stomach when experiencing turbulence and help you to feel settled and on your way to well, fast.

Eater's Digest Roll-On refill placed on top of fennel against a wooden background

The first key ingredient in the blend is fennel. Described as restorative, balancing and comforting, this herb has been studied to help relieve bloating and water retention, acting to provide increased feelings of comfort to the stomach. Historically and in many parts of the world, fennel seeds are chewed after food consumption to act as a digestive tonic. This oil is sweet, warm and peppery, and most closely resembles the scent of licorice; it’s also the aroma that you sense primarily in the Eater’s Digest blend.

Next, we’ve included peppermint essential oil because of its storied history in providing relief and ease to digestive upset. Acting as an antispasmodic, this means it can relieve convulsions that occur, such as stomach or bladder cramps or spasms. It’s also an effective calmative, providing a cooling sensation when applied to the skin that many people experience as soothing and balancing. You probably first think of herbal peppermint tea when you think of an age-old remedy to nourish and nurture the stomach when you’re experiencing tummy troubles, so we encourage you to consider this roll-on as a topical alternative.

Fennel, peppermint and more: more ingredients for gut health

Alongside fennel and peppermint, Eater’s Digest is packed full of other plant-based powerhouse ingredients to keep you feeling at your best before, during and after a meal or anytime where extra TLC for the tummy is required. As with all blends and remedies at Saje, we expertly formulate our products with ingredients based on the data that shows them to be safe and effective for use.

One of the lesser known and utilized essential oils for digestive health in this formula is black pepper. This fiery and stimulating oil is warm, woody and pungent, and can help to improve sluggish digestion by re-energizing the digestive system and restoring overall vitality. The oil is produced from the small, dark peppercorns of this lush and climbing vine, and has a history of therapeutic use dating back more than 4000 years.

Roman chamomile is perhaps the most easily recognized of these ingredients, a popular herb for calming, soothing and providing a sense of relaxation to the mind. Roman chamomile is sweet, soft and has an apple-like aroma, distilled from the leaves and daisy-like flowers of this low-growing shrub. On a physical level, when used to support gut health and digestion, the gentle nature of this oil is thought to be relieving of symptoms like nausea, indigestion and intestinal gas.

Finally, this blend includes a scared oil revered throughout history for its healing properties, myrrh. The resin, or gum, is a sticky, reddish-orange substance that oozes from this aromatic shrub and is collected to be steam distilled as essential oil. A rich, woody and smokey aroma, myrrh is described as soothing, clarifying and opening. It’s studied to calm inflammation in the stomach lining, which can present as indigestion, bloating and heartburn, and is an overall excellent essential oil to bring about feelings of being grounded, stable and in balance.

Fennel, peppermint and more: what our community is saying

Don’t just take our word for it! Over the years, we’ve collected more than 150 five-star reviews on Eater’s Digest that speak to its safety, efficacy, soothing and comforting abilities.

Des calls this their new ‘must have’ and says, “I decided to try this as someone who struggles to eat anything due to symptoms that come with IBS & an ulcer. I have to say, this will be something I now use every day.”

Lillian says it’s their ‘favorite product’. “I have complications due to gallstones and this product provides me with great relief. I have used it for many, many years when I am having digestive discomfort. I highly recommend it.”

Tracey calls our blend ‘fast and effective’: “Eater's Digest works! I have been using it at the first sign of indigestion, by rolling it on my stomach / diaphragm area and cupping my hands for deep breathing. Within 10 minutes I am feeling better, loving the licorice smell!”

For Heidi, this product ‘works every time’. “Eaters Digest was the product that started my LOVE of Saje! Eaters Digest works so well when you have an upset stomach that I go nowhere without it! Coming from a family with digestive issues, I feel so much better using a natural product than a chemical."

Dhammi says they ‘would buy this product again’. “I roll on my stomach area when pain starts. After a couple of minutes to start working, it relieves my pain. I highly recommend this for stomachaches. For someone with a sensitive stomach, this is the best.”

Though Eater’s Digest can be purchased as a standalone product, we often recommend it as part of our flagship product, the Pocket Farmacy – Physical Edition. This curated kit contains five travel-sized roll-ons and was created as your one-stop-shop remedy kit to take on-the-g, helping you keep feeling well. It contains Peppermint Halo, the first product ever created at Saje to help cool and soothe the head, neck and shoulders, Immune to keep cough and cold symptoms at bay, Stress Release to help curb symptoms of overwhelm and distress and Pain Release, our 100% natural solution to everyday aches and pains. This handy kit comes with an instruction manual that makes suggestions for areas of application and tells you a little bit more about some of the key ingredients that comprise each blend.

Here’s to prioritizing gut health, healthy digestive function and overall physical wellness through natural wellness products free of synthetics and full of nature’s goodness.

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