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We're growing our collection of single note essentials oils: Meet copaiba and spearmint

Last Updated: 12/13/2023


Here at Saje, essential oils are the heart of what we do. Every product in our collection is formulated after careful consideration of each and every ingredient, from where it is grown in the world to where it was distilled and bottled. Our formulations team thoughtfully pairs ingredients together to create safe, highly effective and enjoyable products for our Community Members to enhance their personal wellness and the wellness of those they love.

At the root of each product we create are what we call single note essential oils. Single notes are individual plants, like lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus, that are distilled from plant matter to capture what is sometimes called the ‘essence’ or the ‘spirit’ of the plant. Each of these single note essential oils offers various benefits and properties, and each plant has its own unique aroma.

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While we currently offer 20+ different single notes as part of our collection, we’re thrilled to be adding two brand new, highly requested oils to our assortment. Read on to learn more about them.


This one is a guaranteed tongue-twister! Native to Brazil, who still produces more than 95% of the world’s supply, this popularly sought-after oil-resin copaiba is pronounced ‘co-pie-ee-ba', which gets easier and easier as you sound it out to yourself. (Go ahead and play along!) Not only is it fun and interesting to say, there’s a reason why it’s been a staple in traditional folk medicine dating back as far as the 1600’s.

Copaiba is a resinous, sweet and earthy oil, known on an emotional level to help calm the senses, induce peacefulness and support in helping the nervous system to feel balanced, and on a physical level to naturally ease pain and support in the relief of aching and discomfort.

Copaiba Pure Essential Oil

Though subtle in overt aroma, copaiba is woody, rich, sweet and earthy. This oil is derived from the gum/resin of the copaifera officinalis tree and produced through a sustainable method that allows the tree to live and continue to grow while the oleoresin is extracted by drilling into the trunk of the tree. The manufacturing of this precious essential oil is part of a Socio-Biodiversity Enhancement Program that seeks tools and resources in order to continue promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Research suggests that copaiba behaves in a way that helps relieve pain and inflammation of muscles and tissue, which is why this oil is commonly used in massage and topical application to the body, on areas like the back, quads and hamstrings. Similarly, it’s known to produce a profound feeling of peacefulness and calm, making it the perfect accompaniment to self-care practices like meditation, movement and rest.


Next, we’re introducing a frequently requested oil coming to us from the mint family, the light, sweet and uplifting notes of spearmint. The spearmint oil we source comes to us from a family owned and operated distillery in the USA that began in 1945 and has worked tirelessly over the years to build relationships with more than 250 mint growers and farms during that time. Spearmint is known for being fresh and opening, and for having many uses both physically and emotionally.

Spearmint pure essential oil

Pure spearmint essential oil is derived from a perennial herb with lush green and serrated leaves. The biggest differences between peppermint and spearmint are that spearmint is sweeter, more subtle and herbal whereas peppermint is sharper, higher in menthol and produces a stronger topical sensation on the skin.

Spearmint is an herbaceous, minty and slightly fruity essential oil known on an emotional level to have a calming and nurturing effect on the mind and spirit, helping us to feel boosted and positive. On a physical level, spearmint is known to help soothe and support the stomach, easing common ailments like distension and abdominal pain, while being relieving to discomfort in the body.


In order to use single note essential oils optimally and safely, it’s always recommended to blend them alongside what are called carrier oils. Carrier oils are primarily made from vegetable oils and are used for two primary purposes; they dilute the essential oils they are blended with, making them safe for topical application, and they help ‘carry’ the essential oils to the skin so you can receive their benefits.

We’ve recently launched two new carrier oils here at Saje that are the perfect accompaniment to copaiba and spearmint, or any of the other single note essential oils in our collection.


Jojoba pronounced ‘ho-ho’ba’ is a light, nourishing, skin-softening and deeply hydrating carrier oil that many people love because it closely mirrors the skin’s natural sebum. Its intended use is as a light, well-absorbed carrier oil that enables topical application of your favorite essential oils and blends, and though some people say it has a faint nutty aroma, it’s most odorless which means it won’t overpower or muddle the essential oils it’s being paired with.

Rich in vitamins A & E, its composition makes it a great choice for all skin types. Jojoba is non-comedogenic, meaning it should not clog the pores (though a spot test is always recommended). Many people also enjoy jojoba for use as a full body hydrator, in facial skin care, as a hair and scalp refresher and treatment and as massage oil.

A fun fact about jojoba oil is that it is not technically an “oil” but more of a liquid wax. It’s also a highly stable and versatile carrier oil with a long shelf life – ours will have a shelf life of 5 years!


Likely one of the most commonly known carrier oils, fractionated coconut oil (often listed as FCO) is skin-soothing, emollient, easily absorbed, light on the skin and comes with a long and stable shelf life. Its intended use is similar to jojoba oil; it enables topical application of your favorite essential oils and blends and supports deep hydration for the skin. Despite the aroma you may know and love from coconut and coconut derivatives, as a carrier oil fractionated coconut is odorless, allowing it to blend seamlessly with single note essential oils of your choice.

Rich in fatty acids, FCO helps to protect the skin’s moisture barrier, allows for light protection when spending time outdoors and has naturally occurring cleansing properties. FCO is non-comedogenic, which again means it should not clog the pores and we would continue to recommend a spot test before use.

Interestingly, making FCO is a lengthy process; derived from coconut oil that comes to us from pressing the coconut fruit (sometimes also considered a nut or seed), the oil is heated above its melting point and then left to cool. This allows for the solid fraction of the oil to be separated from the liquid, and the result is the light yet deeply hydrating carrier oil that many people also like to use as body moisturizer, hair conditioner and massage oil.


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Aromatherapy conveys the concept of healing with aromatic substances.

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