Breathing exercises to help relieve stress and encourage mindfulness
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Breathing exercises to help relieve stress and encourage mindfulness

Last Updated: 06/12/2023



Take a deep breath. Slowly in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth. Now take another one. And maybe one more for good measure. Do you see how good you feel? Would you like to feel this clear, level headed and naturally energized all the time?

In the ancient art of yoga, the breath is referred to as pranayama - ‘prana’ meaning life or energy force and ‘yama’ meaning control or restraint. The commonly referred to translation is breath control, or loosely, that breath is life. What a powerful thought - your breath is your life. How good does it make you feel knowing that the single most important factor in maintaining your life force is within your control?


Person doing breathing exercises


Here at Saje, we like to use many of our 100% natural, plant-derived roll-ons to support a breathing exercise we’ve lovingly coined the Saje Breath. While simple to perform, this intentional act of connecting your breath to the healing power of plants can have powerful effects on your physical and emotional well-being. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Ensure both of your hands have been washed thoroughly
  2. Take your favorite Saje roll-on (we’re going to make recommendations below) and roll generously onto one of your clean palms of your hand
  3. Rub your hands together vigorously, helping to warm and activate the essential oils
  4. Make a cup shape with your hands and place over your nose and mouth
  5. With mindfulness and intentionality, take a long, slow inhale through your nose, hold for a couple of seconds at the top of your breath and begin your exhalation process slowly through your mouth
  6. Repeat 3-5 times or as needed or desired

Person doing a Saje Breath


There are a number of reasons we’re such big fans of this simple breathing exercise, namely because the effects are felt in the body very quickly when experienced this way. We take a deep breath and within seconds the molecules reach the receptors in our olfactory system on their way to our limbic system - the oldest part of our brains which houses our emotions and our memories (cool, right?) and in this way, essential oils can have a powerful yet holistic effect on our bodies and minds. Read on to learn more about some of the essential oil roll-ons we’re recommending for a Saje Breath.



Wanting to feel more alert, more awake and more alive is something that many of us can relate to. Choosing natural wellness products that help reduce sluggishness and lethargy can be as simple as a deep breathing exercise with products designed to help you feel elevated.


Person doing breathing exercises


Energy roll-on: when you want to feel naturally energized and uplifted, reach for this citrusy and herbal rejuvenator to help bring bright, positive and cheerful energy to the body and mind. Blended with lemon, rosemary, basil and peppermint, this natural pick-me-up will help you tap into a renewed perspective and a sunny disposition.

Quick Study: support optimal focus and heightened awareness with this revitalizing blend formulated to help keep you on your toes. Essential oils that are renowned for their ability to refresh a tired mind like myrtle, geranium and clary sage make for a grounding yet clarifying sensory experience.



One of the most common reasons to engage in mindfulness breathing exercises is in support of reducing stress and feelings of tension and overwhelm. Let’s face it; the last year has given us many things to stress over, and our collective desire to lessen those circumstances is what can help us move in the right direction, towards more peace, more calm and less stress.


Person doing a Saje Breath


Stress Release roll-on: formulated with ingredients that are known to be deeply grounding and soothing while being gentle on your system, this roll-on is a must-have for letting your mind and body release stress, both as physical and emotional manifestations. Feel like you’ve stumbled into a fresh field of lavender alongside orange, geranium and clary sage.

Unwind roll-on: let go and feel the tension, restlessness and nervousness leave your body after a generous dose of peace, calm and clarity from the balancing and harmonizing notes of spicy cinnamon, sweet bergamot and floral lavender to help you feel at ease.



The next time you’re struggling with counting sheep, tap into the power of your breath to help ground your body and signal to your mind that it’s time for rest. A popular breathing exercise for sleep is referred to as the 4-7-8 method which is an inhalation through the nose for a count of four, a hold for seven, and a long slow exhale through the mouth for eight.


Person doing a Saje Breath


Sleep Well roll-on: our most popular and powerful blend for sleep is a formula anchored by one of the most well renowned herbs and essential oils for deep rest, called valerian. The essential oil is distilled from the pungent, earthy roots of the plant and then is blended alongside fresh smelling and effective oils like lavender, neroli, jasmine and green mandarin for a soothing, easing, grounding and restful blend.

Tranquility roll-on: enter your coziest, dreamiest state with this sweet, soothing, herbal blend of ylang ylang, marjoram, roman chamomile, orange and lavender. The gentleness of this formula means it's a great option for a breathing exercise in which you don’t wish to feel overly stimulated by scent and instead are welcoming of a light, peaceful and tranquil personal moment of calm.



We recently introduced a brand new collection of roll-ons that were formulated specifically to support mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Blended with essential oils well regarded for their ability to induce peace and calm, help ease tough or overwhelming feelings, encourage us to connect to our inner selves and explore mindfulness, this kit is called the Pocket Farmacy Mindful Edition. Below is a short description of the five roll-ons included:

Energy: a bright and uplifting blend of rosemary, lemon and basil

Unwind: a peaceful and tranquil blend of lavender, bergamot and cinnamon

Reflection: a woody and earthy blend of frankincense, myrrh and orange

Confidence: a warming and spicy blend of ginger, cypress and cedarwood

Connection: a cheerful and sweet blend of spearmint, grapefruit and sage



Breathing exercises don’t require any tools or equipment and are available to use wherever we are. We’re sharing three of the breathing techniques we’ve been introduced to and inspired by, to help support a reduction in feelings of stress and a deep connection to the present moment:


Person doing a Yoga practice

  1. Belly breathing. Lying down or sitting in a comfortable position, place one hand on your chest and one on your belly. As you breathe in, feel your belly pushing out against your hand and when you exhale, feel it contract. Concentrate on the feeling of expansion and contraction as you breathe mindfully.
  2. Alternate nostril breathing. In a seated position with strong posture, use your fingers to block off one nostril at a time, rotating each time you take an inhale and an exhale (breathe in through your left nostril, and out through your right nostril). Keep your rhythm consistent as you trade off inhaling and exhaling through your nostrils, one at a time.
  3. Mindful breathing. As the name suggests, this breathing exercise is centered in focus on the present moment, without allowing your mind to wander to the past or the future. You may find it helpful to include a word or a mantra that you repeat on each inhale and exhale to keep you in stillness and presence.
Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.


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