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Our top 10 essential oils gifts sets

Last Updated: 03/14/2024

These essential oils gifts sets are sure to please

When it comes to essential oils gift sets we don’t want to brag but, here at Saje we’re offering the best of the best. Knowing that we’ve built our business for almost 30 years on offering 100% natural, pure essential oils without fillers or adulturants is what makes us so confident you’re going to love them too!

An opened pocket farmacy case containing five Saje essential oil roll-ons

Essential oils gifts sets come in all shapes and sizes; some of our kits have been curated with products to address common ailments like stress or pain, while others contain products to boost your skin care routine or elevate your at-home hand washing. This holiday, explore some of our limited edition essential oils gifts sets, as well as some of the favorites we offer year round.

Our best-selling essential oils gifts sets

While certain essential oils gifts sets come and go, there are those that have stood the test of time. Certain kits have been community favorites almost since the beginning of Saje, and our thought has always been, why mess with a good thing? The kits we’re including below come with those must-have, can’t-be-without classic products you’ve come to know and love from Saje over the years.

Pocket Farmacy: though the Pocket Farmacy is a staple we sell year round, this is a limited edition version only being offered as part of our holiday collection. One of the very first products we ever created, the Pocket Farmacy contains five of our top selling roll-on’s to address and ease symptoms of headaches, cough & cold, digestive upset, stress and pain. Each of the five rollers included is also offered in a larger refill bottle, so you save on waste and packaging by being able to top up the roll-on’s you use the most often. The handy carrying case it comes in is easy to take with you on the go, making it our most popular traveling wellness accessory. This kit includes: Peppermint Halo, Immune, Eater’s Digest, Stress Release and Pain Release.

Good Cheer diffuser blend collection: if you’ve experienced a holiday at Saje you’ve very likely run into our favorite diffuser blend kit to help invite the merry and festive smells of the season into your home, Good Cheer. We’re back this year with five of our most loved diffuser blends offered exclusively at holiday time. Deep Forest is a smouldering blend of woodsy and spicy oils like douglas fir, red cedar and clove that will remind you of sitting by a campfire, Tree Scents is a fresh and earthy blend of pine, cypress and cedarwood reminiscent of a walk in the forest, Festive Friday is a cheery blend of grapefruit, fennel and ylang ylang that you’ll want to diffuse during your next socially distant gathering, All The Feels is a warm and cozy blend of orange, balsam peru and clove for those chilly winter nights and Peppermint Twist is citrus-mint blend of orange, benzoin and peppermint to remind you of the sweetness of the holidays.

Best of Saje diffuser blend collection: this is a curated set including six of our community’s favorite diffuser blends we offer as part of our year round core collection. We love this kit because it contains something for everyone; Deep Breath is an invigorating blend of lemon, marjoram and eucalyptus, Elevate is an uplifting blend of yuzu, lemongrass and orange, Goddess is a floral blend of jasmine, neroli and rose, Liquid Sunshine is a cheerful blend of lime, mandarin and grapefruit, Present Moment is a meditative blend of grapefruit, frankincense and sandalwood and Tranquility is a relaxing blend of lavender, marjoram and roman chamomile. If you’re looking for a kit that will take you from daytime to nighttime and everything in between, you’ve found it!

Essential oils gift sets to stay clean from head to toe

Some of the easiest switches when it comes to moving from synthetic to natural are your daily use personal care products. Gone are the days when your only options were chemical-laden, artificially fragranced drugstore cosmetics; let us help you step into the world of natural, plant-based, good for you and good for the planet wellness products.

Peppermint Twist Duo: one of our favorite scents at the holiday time, also available as a diffuser blend, air spray and body butter, comes to us here as part of this duo for hand hygiene. The scent of these products is both sweet and minty, as they’re formulated with peppermint, spearmint and benzoin. The Peppermint Twist duo is a foaming hand soap formulated without alcohol to prevent dryness or irritation but to effectively cleanse the skin and a lotion that will nourish and hydrate while providing a little invigorating feeling to the skin. Both packaged in chic, neutral matte white, this duo will look great at the sink of any kitchen or bathroom.

Mint Trio: this body cleansing and hydrating kit is part of our limited edition essential oils gift sets for holiday. The three products included are our Tingle Mint body lotion, a best selling lotion that will hydrate your skin while making you feel peppy and revitalized, Tingle Feet balm to nourish and deeply restore dry, chapped or peeling skin on your hard working feet and our fan favorite Jute and Joy, a soap filled wash pad designed to help gently exfoliate the body in a scent exclusive only to this body care kit called Spearmint & Mint. This kit is for someone who likes to feel naturally boosted after their shower or bath in the morning and who wants some natural pep in their step.

Essential oils gift sets to help you drift off to dreamland

We’re asked year round for product suggestions that can help our community invest in rest. As it turns out, many people find that establishing a nighttime routine is difficult for them because of anything from a busy mind, too much time on their devices or because they’re already thinking and worrying about the next day. Creating products that are helpful in relaxing both the body and mind is our specialty, so we’re excited to share two of our kits for helping you feel better at bedtime. 

Sleep Well kit: as part of our core collection of kits, this Sleep Well kit contains the same well-loved Sleep Well roll-on, our newest body butter also called Sleep Well and formulated with gentle, soothing ingredients like lavender, vetiver and neroli and our Good Night mist, a personal spray exclusive to this kit formulated with frankincense, sandalwood and vetiver that can be spritzed over the pillows and sheets before you climb in to help set the tone for rest.

Essential oils gift sets for balance and harmony

The final kits we’re showcasing as part of our top 10 essential oils gifts sets were all curated with one thing in mind: helping to reduce symptoms of stress. Stress can rear its ugly head in all sorts of ways you might not expect, from physical symptoms like tension in the body to emotional symptoms like racing thoughts. Let’s put your mind at ease by sharing what these kits include to help leave stress at the door this holiday season.

Peace of Mind kit: exclusive to holiday this year, this gift set includes four products each designed to help you feel grounded and centered. Stress Release roll-on contains soothing ingredients like lavender, orange and geranium, the Deep Breath nasal inhaler was formulated with lemon, peppermint and marjoram and was designed to encourage mindful deep breathing, Unwind mist is a personal spritz blended with lavender, bergamot and cinnamon to help provide calm when you’re feeling overwhelmed and the Relax-O-Ring is a finger massage accessory to help ease nervous tension and provide physical relaxation.

Stress Release kit: this trio contains products designed to help you keep calm wherever you go. Stress Release roll-on can be applied to the temples, wrists, throat and jaw line whenever you experience stress symptoms, the Stress Release nasal inhaler is perfect for scent-free environments or anytime you need a personal moment of relief and the Relax-O-Ring can be used to target the energy centers in the body to help you feel realigned and balanced. 

Balanced kit: curated as a women’s wellness kit, this trio of products was designed to nurture your body, balance your mood and help you feel well overall. The three products include: Period roll-on, formulated with vitamin e, geranium and ho wood, Transitions roll-on, formulated with rose, clary sage and fennel and Goddess mist, formulated with rose, jasmine and vanilla, all formulated to help you feel restored, centered and at peace.

Which essential oils gift sets are right for you? 

We believe that choice is a good thing when it comes to essential oils gift sets. We know that each one of us have different preferences to smell and feel and what works best for one of us may not be best suited for another. When we let our body and mind guide us towards what smells best to us and what feels best on our body, we know we’ll always be headed in the right direction.

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