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Introducing the Pocket Farmacy - Mindful Edition essential oil kit

Last Updated: 01/18/2024

A brand new essential oil kit to support emotional and spiritual wellness

When Saje was founded almost 30 years ago in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1992, our vision was global wellness; the embodiment of this vision was the idea that people all over the world would have the opportunity to choose products to support their physical well-being, their daily care routines like skin care and body care and their emotional needs, all through the use of 100% natural wellness products that are free of synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, parabens and phthalates.

Though the Pocket Farmacy - Physical Edition has been an important part of our wellness offerings for physical ailments at Saje for many years, we’re proud to announce a brand new essential oil kit curated specifically to support spiritual and emotional health and well-being called the Pocket Farmacy - Mindful Edition.  

Five Saje roll-ons lined up in front of a green Pocket Farmacy Mindful edition case against a cream background

This newly curated wellness essentials kit includes five roll-on oil blends that have been formulated specifically for people who are seeking to grow their spiritual wellness or are curious about emotional healing and integrative medicine. Inspired by our best-selling Pocket Farmacy - Physical Edition, this new essential oil kit is a novel collection of roll-on oil blends for spiritual, mental and emotional health.

The Pocket Farmacy - Mindful Edition contains two community favorite roll-ons we’ve previously offered, and three brand new formulas that have been blended by our in-house aromatherapist. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to the blends that are included.

Mindful Edition essential oil kit blend #1: Energy 

A person holding an energy roll-on

Energy roll-on is one of two blends included in this new essential oil kit that has been offered as part of our core collection of products for many years, and that has been specifically designed to invigorate the mind and revitalize the senses. The oils in this blend are used topically in aromatherapy to refresh the mind, including uplifting peppermint, clearing rosemary and fresh lemon. We love to recommend wearing this blend to enhance and encourage thoughts, values and beliefs; while reading, reviewing or seeking information.

Key Ingredients:

Lemon: renewing our zest for life
Rosemary: awaken creativity and encourage inspiration
Peppermint: helps to revive depleted energy

Mindful Edition essential oil kit blend #2: Unwind 

A person holding an unwind roll-on

Unwind is the second roll-on offered in the kit that has previously been offered as part of our core collection. A well-loved roll-on for peace and calm, Unwind was created to help support a state of restfulness for both the body and the mind through the use of essential oils that are reported to be soothing and balancing, including sweet and cheerful orange, harmonizing lavender and warming cinnamon. We love to recommend wearing this blend to ease worries, re-centre the self throughout the day and following experiences or interactions that leave us feeling unsettled.

Key Ingredients:

Orange: uplift the spirit and brighten your mood
Bergamot: release pent-up emotions and allow for clear expression
Lavender: encourages compassion and gentleness towards others

Mindful Edition essential oil kit blend #3. Confidence

A person holding a confidence roll-on

Confidence Empowering oil blend is the first of three brand new roll-ons blended specifically for their beneficial effects in supporting emotional and spiritual wellness. Confidence was formulated to instill a sense of courage and bravery, as well as a belief in one’s self and to quell limiting thoughts and beliefs. Inspired by the clarity and awareness you feel after a cleansing walk in the woods, this blend has an earthy, powerful and clean aromatic profile, having been blended with woody cypress and cedarwood alongside sweet lime and spicy ginger. We love to recommend wearing this blend to boost feelings of fearlessness, boldness and to lift your self confidence.

Key Ingredients:

Palmarosa: brings inner peace and soothes emotional vulnerability
Ginger: stimulates optimism and encourages you to take action
Cypress: help bring the mind into balance with the spirit

Mindful Edition essential oil kit blend #4. Connection

A person holding a connection roll-on

The second brand new roll-on included as part of this essential oil kit is Connection Heartwarming oil blend, having been formulated to help us tune into the ‘bigger picture’ of life, instilling a sense of being related to and in communion with the love that envelops humans, animals and nature. Inspired by the essential oils used in aromatherapy to raise our spirit and encourage positivity, this blend can help support a ‘glass half full’ attitude in life. Connection has a fruity, fierce and flowing aromatic profile, made from uplifting citruses like bergamot and grapefruit with herbal sage and sweet peppermint. We love to recommend wearing this blend to strengthen awareness and encourage deeper, developed wisdom.

Key Ingredients:

Bergamot: release pent-up emotions and allow for clear expression
Roman Chamomile: promotes a child-like spontaneity and simple expression of your personal truth
Grapefruit: enables a lightness of spirit and free expression of love and happiness

Mindful Edition essential oil kit blend #5. Reflection

A person holding a reflection roll-on

The fifth and final roll-on, the last of the brand new blends included as part of the Pocket Farmacy - Mindful Edition is called Reflection Grounding oil blend, and was formulated to enhance, restore and heal the relationship between one’s self and their spiritual health and wellness. Inspired by ancient and sacred essential oils that have been used throughout history to heal and anoint the body and mind, these oils have been used traditionally in aromatherapy to increase a positive vibrational frequency. Formulated with deeply grounding myrrh and frankincense and then blended with warming cedarwood and ginger, Reflection has a purifying, woody and balsamic aromatic profile. We love to recommend wearing this blend when you practice meditation, prayer, stillness or when spending time immersed in nature.

Key Ingredients:

Myrrh: calms the breath and enhances meditation
Frankincense: brings peace and balance, clears you awareness as you deepen your spiritual understanding
Orange: uplift the spirit and brighten your mood

Our sister essential oil kit, the Pocket Farmacy - Physical Edition

As many of you know, at Saje we’ve offered a version of the Pocket Farmacy that focuses mainly on physical health and wellness for many years - 25 of them in fact! In 2021, the version of the Pocket Farmacy that people know and love for support and relief for the head, symptoms of cold like cough, tummy troubles, stress and pain turns 25 years old. We’re celebrating that original versions of our products like Peppermint Halo and Pain Release have been best sellers, offering relief to thousands of Community Members far and wide for more than two decades, which is why we are so excited to share the new Pocket Farmacy - Mindful Edition for those who are looking to have the same impact on their spiritual and emotional wellness.

Here’s a quick rundown on the roll-on’s included as part of our original product, Pocket Farmacy - Physical Edition:

Peppermint Halo - the first product ever created for Saje is still our #1 top selling favorite today. Peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary work to ease headaches and migraines by cooling, soothing and supporting the head, neck and shoulders.

Immune - the hero in our cough and cold line of products, Immune helps to ease symptoms of cough and cold and help get you back on your feet. Balancing, relieving oils like tea tree, eucalyptus, pine and cinnamon can be applied to the throat and chest for major relief.

Eater’s Digest - ease discomfort and indigestion with this soothing and comforting blend of essential oils known to help support healthy digestive function like sweet fennel, peppermint and roman chamomile.

Stress Release - support the body in feeling grounded and balanced by applying this soothing and harmonizing blend of lavender, geranium and clary sage when stressful feelings arise.

Pain Release - numb areas of acute pain with this topical analgesic blend of essential oils to help relieve aches and pains and soreness. Marjoram, rosemary and peppermint help to ease tension and tightness in the muscles, joints and tissue. 

To learn more about the Pocket Farmacy - Physical Edition, click here to read a detailed article about the benefits of each of the five roll-ons included in this kit.

Exploring mindfulness 

If you’re curious to learn more about healthy habits to enhance mindfulness and how you can use supportive practices and routines to help build awareness, please check out our latest article on mindfulness here.

At Saje, we believe in physical, emotional and environmental wellness for all.

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