Water being poured into a Saje diffuser
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Good vibrations: what's actually happening inside your diffuser

Last Updated: 03/06/2024

There’s been a lot of buzz about diffusing lately, which is music to our wellness-loving ears. We've been sharing the benefits of diffusing essential oils since 1992, and know that the details on how a diffuser works can be a bit confusing. How does a diffuser work?

Imagine standing next to a waterfall as the water cascades down, infusing the air with a cool, calming mist. That’s exactly what a diffuser does: infuses your air with the feel-good experience of time spent out in nature.

Aroma Om deluxe diffuser and two diffuser blends on a wooden table
Ultrasonic diffusers: Small machines, major wellness impact. The Aroma Om Deluxe (pictured above) is perfect for living rooms and other large spaces.


Ultrasonic diffusers are a heat-free device that combines water with our therapeutic essential oil blends and releases them into your environment as a cool, fine mist. 

There are different types of diffusers out there, but specialize in ultrasonic technology. Here’s why: 

  • The mist they produce is charged with negative ions, which emulate the serotonin-boosting effects of time spent in nature-rich environments. This mist also binds to respiratory irritants in your air, like dust and pet dander, making them heavier and grounding them out of your breathing space. 
  • This heat-free technology preserves the full chemical integrity of the essential oils within, meaning none of their efficacy is compromised. 
  • Essential oils are highly volatile on their own, but an ultrasonic diffuser’s gentle humidifying effect makes them even  more readily available for inhalation. Fun fact: your sense of smell is your only sense with a direct connection to your limbic system, where mood and mindset are affected. In short, that’s why it’s called “aromatherapy.” 


So how exactly does your ultrasonic diffuser get the good stuff from nature into your air? There’s a little ceramic disc that lives at the heart of every ultrasonic diffuser. When you fill the tank with water, add an essential oil blend, and turn it on, the disc vibrates, creating ultrasonic waves that break the oil into microscopic particles. The diffuser then releases this fine mist of essential oil and water into the air so that you can easily inhale pure plant medicine.

Turning water into vapor typically requires heat, but ultrasonic diffusers achieve the same goal through something called an adiabatic process—the technical term for not using any heat at all to produce mist.

All it takes to tap into the power of diffusing is one of our ultrasonic diffusers, some water, and your favorite 100% pure essential oil blend. 
Not sure which diffuser blend to use? Check out our tips for choosing the essential oil blend or explore all of our wellness blends. The general rule of thumb? If it smells good to you, use it!


There are so many reasons to diffuse! The short answer is that diffusing supports your overall health and wellness by adding plant medicine to the air you breathe. The long answer starts with diving deep into the benefits of essential oils.

True to their name, essential oils are the pure essence of plants.These concentrated, complex compounds are extracted from the stems, roots, leaves, bark, or other part of a plant, leaving behind the most powerful elements in nature.

Diffusing allows us to harness that power by bringing nature into your home, office, or anywhere you choose. If you're looking for more calm, more rest, more energy, or more focus, there's a diffuser blend to help with that.

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