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Wellness gifts for grandma

Last Updated: 04/29/2024

Wellness gifts for grandma that say ‘thank you’

‘Grandma’ is for so many of us the person who prepared Sunday dinner for our family each week, who snuck candies into our hands when she thought our parents weren’t looking or the person who we could count on for that crisp $20 bill in our birthday card each year. She raised or is still raising her family, she takes care of the home… she wears many hats. Somewhere at the end of all of that, she sometimes also forgets to take time for herself and to allow herself to indulge in treats or rituals just for her.

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Since every one of our grandma’s are unique, we’ve put together a list of wellness gifts that range from beginner to pro when it comes to self-care, and we’ve added a few fun gift ideas for the woman who has everything. No matter which gift you choose, you know she’ll love it because it came straight from the heart.

Wellness gifts for grandma: for the new-to-self-care grandma in your life

We’ve chosen these gifts for the grandma who spends more of her time doting on her children and grandchildren and less time considering her own needs. These are the perfect way to introduce her to 100% natural wellness gifts that are good for her and good for the planet.

Pocket Farmacy roll-on kit: this is a curated kit of our top five roll-on’s to support cooling and soothing the head, relieving cough and cold symptoms, easing tummy troubles and helping to release stress or pain. Each of these five roll-on’s can be applied to areas of the body like the wrists, temples and other pulse points as needed. The zippered kit is perfect for keeping these handy roll-on’s in arms reach at all times - at home or on the go.

Pocket farmacy physical edition

Sleep Well kit: this kit contains three of our most popular products to help her wind down in the evening and feel rested in the morning. The Sleep Well roll-on, blended with lavender, valerian and jasmine, can be applied about 30 minutes before she heads to bed in the evening to help support deep rest. The Goodnight mist can be spritzed over her pillows and sheets, and the Sleep Well body butter is the perfect accompaniment to a soothing bath or shower at the end of her day.

Wellness gifts for grandma: she’s always on the go 

We all know that grandma in our own life or the lives of our loved ones who has more energy than her grandchildren! She’s out and about at sunrise and barely makes it home in time for dinner. We’ve selected these gifts to help celebrate her vivacious spirit and to honor her joie de vivre!

Get Well kit: she has no time for coughs or colds, so help her stay feeling her best with these under-the-weather essentials. This selection of three products is designed to help keep her vitality high; Immune roll-on can be applied to the throat and chest to help ease cold symptoms like cough, Echinacea throat spray is a tried-and-true mist to soothe an irritated throat and the Fortify nasal inhaler is a great personal use product for whenever she needs a breath of fresh air!

Stress Release kit: if your grandma is looking for a little bit of extra peace and calm, this relaxation kit might be the right gift for her. The Stress Release line of products is blended with soothing lavender, balancing geranium and mood-boosting orange, and can either be rolled onto areas like the jawline and throat or can be inhaled through the nose with the personal use nasal inhaler. Complete with a Relax-O-Ring for gentle massage of the fingers, this gift comes with extra love. 

Wellness gifts for grandma: she’s an outdoor enthusiast

We selected these gifts for the grandma who loves spending her time in the great outdoors. Whether it’s a long walk with a friend or a bike ride through the park, she’s spending her time with the sun on her face and the wind at her back.

Carrot body butter: this rich and hydrating body butter is perfect after a day in the sun. Formulated with ultra hydrating and skin-smoothing ingredients like coconut, shea butter, carrot and roman chamomile, encourage her to slather on this nourishing body butter whenever her skin needs an extra touch of TLC.

Extra Strength roll-on: blended extra large and extra strong, this is our most relieving roll-on for areas she may be feeling tight or sore. Perfect to apply after a long walk or any physical activity, the combination of sweet birch, peppermint and clove is warming and soothing to sore, achy muscles. 

Wellness gifts for grandma: she loves flowers

For many of us, a trip to Grandma’s house wasn’t complete without a tray of fresh baked cookies or a walk through her garden. For the grandma who still loves to be surprised with a bouquet of flowers, these plant-based products chock full of fresh floral essential oils are sure to brighten her day.

Rose mist: a spritz over the face and body of this sweet and delicate rose mist is a treat she can look forward to again and again. This mist can be used on the facial skin, body and hair, or as a pillow and bedding refresher.

Goddess oil blend roll-on: this roll-on is a combination of precious floral essential oils like jasmine, neroli and rose, inspired by the moments in which we want to feel like a true goddess. 

Wellness gifts for grandma: she likes to unwind at the end of the day

There’s nothing like a warm, soothing soak at the end of the day to melt away stress and worries. If she’s the long, luxurious bath-type, we’ve made some suggestions of gifts that will make her want to spend even more time in the tub!

Unwind bath salt soak: a blend of epsom and sea salts meets calming essential oils of lavender, bergamot and cinnamon for a warm and relaxing bath salt soak. Encourage her to stay in the tub up to 30 minutes for maximum effect.

Stress Release body oil: post-bath, she can treat her skin to a rich and hydrating body oil that can be used for massage or in place of a conventional moisturizer. This formula, blended with non-greasy grapeseed, apricot kernel and vitamin E oil, is paired with de-stressing essential oils like lavender and clary sage to create a soothing, balancing experience for the mind and body.

Wellness gifts for grandma: she’s a wellness expert!

You’re grandma’s been wise to the self-care game since before we called it ‘self-care’. She knows that you can’t give from an empty cup, and so she prioritizes taking care of herself and splurging on wellness must-haves. It’s your chance to spoil her with a deluxe wellness gift to say ‘thank you’ and tell her you love her without words.

Aroma Om diffuser: available in white or black ceramic or grey cement, our most popular diffuser offers features like an optional LED light and continuous or intermittent run times of 3-6 hours. Let this heat-free, cool mist diffuser bring wellness into her space. 

Wellness gifts for grandma: the most special person in your life

We are so lucky to have the grandmas who have shown us unconditional love and acceptance throughout our lives, and we are grateful for the opportunity to gift them with love.

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