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Diffuser vs. Humidifier; What's the difference?

Last Updated: 12/17/2023

Understanding the differences between a diffuser vs humidifier

While diffusers have become more popular in recent years, there is still confusion about what a diffuser actually is, and when you would choose one instead of a humidifier. To truly understand the difference between the two, let's start with a simple definition.

A diffuser is a device that uses an ultrasonic vibrating disc used to break up essential oils in combination with water. This vibration creates fine particles that can be dispersed into the air, allowing us to receive different benefits from breathing them in. Part of the work of a diffuser is to disperse the particles throughout the space in a way that benefits the user and doesn’t overwhelm the room; many people say that their favorite reason to use their diffuser is to create a welcoming atmosphere through scent.

A humidifier is a unit, often with a large water tank, with its primary function being to add moisture to the air. Adding moisture is the easiest way to prevent dryness, which can cause irritation in many parts of the body. Dryness in the air is particularly common during the colder winter months or when using an air conditioner. Though personal size units are available, typically these are larger machines designed to provide humidity to a whole room or living space. 

Diffuser vs humidifier; which one do you need?

Aroma Om Diffuser

At Saje, we offer ultrasonic diffusers designed to help support your wellness through refreshing your air and removing airborne particles, which are intended to be used with essential oils that you can personalize to meet your overall wellness goals. Creating a sanctuary in your home is just one of the ways in which a diffuser can benefit you; tailor the experience to the mood you want to create. Choose bright, fresh and uplifting notes for the daytime, your work at home hours and anytime you want to feel inspired. Choose relaxing, peaceful and tranquil notes when you want to set a tone of harmony, grounding and unwinding in your space.

How & when to use a diffuser vs humidifier 

Our belief at Saje is that the healing power of plants can support and improve your quality of life, and we introduce our Community Members to products they can use to support their own needs, both for the body and the home. Using a diffuser is simple; you start with pure, clean water and add a blend of essential oils that speak to the way you want to feel, and how you want your home to smell. Diffusers offer an array of options for use like continuous or intermittent functionality, as well as lights and timers. Choosing the diffuser you like best is the first step towards optimizing your experience.

Diffuser vs humidifier: our top picks 

With many different diffusers to choose from, here are a few of our favorites, and the diffusers that are most well-loved by our Community Members:

Aroma Om diffuser: available in white, black and stone. This diffuser is made from sleek ceramic or cement, and features a continuous run time of 3 hours and an intermittent run time of 6 hours. An optional LED light makes this the perfect choice for a home office or bedroom

Aroma Om Deluxe diffuser: our largest diffuser, available in white, black and cement. This unit has a number of features like an optional rotating colored light band, high or low settings and run times of between 11-22 hours. This unit is often chosen for large or open concept rooms 

Essential oils to choose when selecting a diffuser vs humidifier 

A common misconception when it comes to diffusing essential oils is that it doesn’t matter what type of oils you use. While there are many reputable essential oil brands on the market, it’s exceptionally important when choosing essential oils to diffuse in your home that you know and trust the brand and the quality of oils being provided. Only 100% pure essential oils, free from any additives, adulterants and carrier oils, are optimal for use in your diffuser. At Saje, we feel confident knowing all our single notes and diffuser blends are 100% pure, potent and high quality essential oils that you and your family can trust to support your wellness. Some of our very favorite oils to diffuse in your home are included here:

Liquid Sunshine: a crisp, citrusy blend of vibrant oils like lime, mandarin and bergamot to boost your mood and create a lively feeling in your space

Tranquility: a soothing and serene blend of roman chamomile, marjoram and lavender to help you transition to bedtime with ease

Goddess: precious florals of neroli, jasmine and rose transform your space to a secret garden of feeling balanced and blissed out

Rain Forest: a purifying and woodsy blend of balsam fir, pine and cedarwood to help you recreate the freshness of the forest in your home

Present Moment: bring yourself to stillness with this grounding and humble blend of grapefruit, frankincense and sandalwood

No matter which diffuser you choose, you can rest assured knowing you’re taking a step towards refreshing the air in your space and enhancing your wellness routine, one breath at a time.

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