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Boost their brainpower: gifts for writers

Last Updated: 03/22/2024

How to make gifts for writers feel thoughtful and intentional 

We all know those creative types who just ooze inspiration. It feels like everytime they put their pen to paper, the words just flow until their magical masterpiece is complete. What most of us don’t take into account are the long days and sleepless nights that many writers subject themselves to in pursuit of their next blog, or thesis, or novel. Working around the clock can have all sorts of ill effects on our bodies and minds, and so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite natural product gifts for the writers in our lives to celebrate their grit and tenacity as they work towards their next literary accomplishment.

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Gifts for writers who need a little inspiration 

While some people seem to be a never ending resource of inspiration, there are others who sometimes need a loving push in the right direction when it comes to their writing. Certain essential oils like clary sage or frankincense are thought to be spiritually efficacious in driving towards motivation and creativity. Many people report that inhaling these and other essential oils helps them to feel clarified and ready to tackle their next project.

Products to consider:

Clary sage 100% pure essential oil: this sweet and balancing essential oil is often referred to in aromatherapy as a euphoric, for the powerful effects it has on the mind. Known to help bring stillness to busy chatter or racing thoughts, inhaling this essential oil can have a positive effect on your productivity levels. Try diffusing 1-3 drops, or drop onto a tissue and inhale deeply when the urge strikes.

Happy Home diffuser blend collection: this curated set is a four pack of some of our most popular and best selling diffuser blends. These blends can be described as cheerful, renewing, revitalizing and grounding, which means there really is something for any mood you’d find yourself in. Add 5-10 drops of any blend to your favorite diffuser and you’re on your way to feeling incredible.

Quick Study roll-on: apply this blend to the body anytime you need a burst of inspiration. This blend contains essential oils that can help to support mental focus and concentration while helping to keep the body feeling invigorated. Formulated with refreshing lemon, myrtle and orange, this blend will help keep the mind and body brightened and uplifted. Roll onto temples, wrists and other pulse points whenever you need a boost.

Gifts for writers who need to take care of their instrument

The most important asset for today’s writer, whether they’re going old school and taking pen to paper or typing away throughout the day, is their hands. The hands are the vessel that helps transform their ideas to reality, and the most hardworking part of the body deserves a little extra TLC.

Products to consider:

Relax-O-Ring massage ring: consider this small but mighty little massage ring a hero in a box. Made from healing copper, this ring was designed to be massaged along the fingers and thumbs to help stimulate the body’s corresponding energy zones. The Relax-O-Ring is ideal for people who are known to fidget, or to like a little distraction to help them work out their nervous energy. This small ring can be tucked neatly into your wallet or purse to take with you on the go, and can be used anytime you need, like waiting in line or before a big presentation at work.

Tingle Mint foaming hand soap: we’ve been tasked this year with being extra mindful about the hygiene of our hands. We know that our hands touch the most things throughout the day (including our face!) and so we need to minimize the amount of dirt and grime they’re exposed to. Our foaming hands soaps are formulated without any artificial fragrance or preservatives, and are blended with skin softening coconut and sunflower oil. Add invigorating essential oils of tea tree, peppermint and rosemary and you’ve got a recipe for clean hands.

Safe Hands lotion: we think the most important attribute of a hand lotion is how it feels when it’s applied. Ideally, it’s non-greasy, absorbs quickly and easily, and keeps hands feeling soft and moisturized for a long time in between applications. Luckily for you, Healing Hands lotion checks all the boxes. Formulated with restorative ingredients like lavender, grapeseed and aloe this blend is tough on dryness and dehydration but gentle on your delicate skin. Feel free to apply as often as necessary to keep your hands feeling supported.

Gifts for writers who need to get boosted in the morning

Many people report being the most productive and naturally energized first thing in the morning. There’s something about waking up, making a fresh pot of coffee or cup of tea, and getting right down to business that helps some people get their best work done, sometimes before the sun comes up.

Products to consider:

Deep Breath diffuser blend: one of the ways we feel truly inspired in the early morning is through connecting to our breath, which is why we love the opening, lifting notes of the Deep Breath diffuser blend so much. Add 5-10 drops of this revitalizing blend, formulated with marjoram, peppermint and eucalyptus, to your favorite diffuser and get ready to breathe deeply.

Elevate diffuser blend: another diffuser blend that helps us feel revved up in the morning is this zesty, zippy citrus blend called Elevate. If your favorite way to start the day is with a burst of citrusy-sweet freshness, this blend of lemongrass, yuzu and mandarin might just be the encouragement you need. 

Gifts for writers to unwind after a long day

At the end of a long day of writing, sometimes all you want to do is crawl over to the couch and curl up with a cozy blanket. Who can blame you, it takes a lot of brainpower to write all day! Making time to relax, turn off and practice self care often leads to higher productivity anyway.

Products to consider:

Stress Release bath salt soak: this relieving, balancing salt soak was formulated with both epsom and sea salts to help relax and calm the body. The addition of soothing and peaceful essential oils like lavender, geranium and roman chamomile only serves to help further encourage both the body and mind to slow down and find stillness. Add 2-5 tablespoons of salt once you’ve filled the tub and soak for 30 minutes.

A hand pouring stress release bath salts to a bath tub

Unwind roll-on: this roll-on blends calming lavender, mood boosting bergamot and warming cinnamon for a comforting, restorative experience. We love to roll this product onto areas like the temples, wrists and jawline when we’re feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated. Set the tone for relaxation and peacefulness every time you reach for this grounding blend.

Gifts for writers who like to burn the midnight oil 

Early to bed, early to rise is an old adage that just doesn’t ring true for everyone. Despite best efforts, there will always be those who prefer the night owl lifestyle, and who truly do feel like they get their best thinking (and writing!) done by the moonlight. As such, they may need a little encouragement when it comes to wellness products that can help them feel peppy and revived, no matter what time the clock says.

Products to consider:

Refresh mist: this refreshing and lively mist mingles peppermint, lemon and basil for a truly uplifting sensory experience. A mist is a quick, easy way to give your skin a boost of freshness while also encouraging deep breaths. Our best tips: with the eyes and mouth closed, spritz generously in the space above the head and breathe deeply through the nose as the mist falls over you. The Energy blend is bound to help anyone feel a little pep in their step!

Energy roll-on: rather than reaching for that midnight cup of coffee or energy drink, we’d like to recommend our Energy roll-on to provide a natural boost. Essential oils of lemon, rosemary and bergamot are known in aromatherapy to help support giving your body and mind extra invigoration which can help keep you writing well into the night.

You can bet these gifts for writers will be sure-fire crowd pleasers

Lastly, we want to provide some of the best suggestions we’ve found for gifts for writers that will feel thoughtful, intentional and on point:

  1. An adult coloring book. There is a reason these have become so popular in recent years. Coloring is hands-on and yet helps us feel relaxed and de-stressed, which just might help set the tone for a burst of creativity.
  2. Your favorite book. It might sound silly, but you can never go wrong with gifting a writer a book. Especially if it’s your favorite, and serves to let them know you’re keen on sharing your own interests with them.
  3. Comfy pyjamas. One of the perks of writing at home is getting to stay comfortable while being productive!

Gifts for writers can span everything from the sentimental to the cheeky, from junk food to wellness solutions and we’re confident they’ll feel the love and intention that went into giving them the gift of feeling better, naturally.

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