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Pain & Recovery

Build a plant-powered recovery routine to meet your hardworking body where it's at.

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Essential Oils for Pain & Recovery

Try our essential oil remedies, ointments and bath salts to treat pain, naturally. Ease muscles and soothe your overworked body with our 100% natural blends. We’d love to share more on how essential oils can ease your pain.

Essential Oils for Muscle and Joint Pain

A variety of essential oils can be used to temporarily relieve pain and inflammation of muscles and joints. Our best selling analgesic remedy, Pain Release contains the following soothing essential Read More.

100% Natural

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of natural excellence—when we say 100% natural, we actually mean it.

Cruelty free

We never test our products on animals because we believe in wellness for all, including our furry friends.

Formulation guarantee

Formulations that do not take care of your wellness needs can be refunded with the original receipt.

diffuser guarantee

Diffusers include lifetime efficacy guarantees—we happily repair or exchange non-functional units.