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Our best essential oil diffusers

Last Updated: 12/20/2023


Diffusers are, in our humble opinion, one of the most important ways you can support your wellness at home or in your office space. The rise in popularity of essential oil diffusers is warranted in that not only are they beautiful, they’re also functional.

Diffusers use the simplest of ingredients - cool, clean tap water and 100% pure essential oils, to create cool mist. Diffusers allow you to tailor the scent experience you want to have in your space, and also encourage you to get specific about the way you want to feel. Being able to customize the experience; creating an energizing, uplifting environment, or a peaceful, relaxed oasis is just one of the ways a diffuser can help you feel your very best.


With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know which diffuser truly is the “best”. At Saje, our philosophy is that the best diffuser for you, is the one you like the most! The functionality of diffusers is virtually the same; the unit uses a small disc that vibrates at ultrasonic speed to help break down essential oils and water into cool, cleansing mist. That being said, the differences in units are largely aesthetic. If you have a personal preference for the size, shape, color or material of a certain diffuser, then that is most certainly the “best” one! A diffuser you see yourself using regularly because it fits your decor and excites you to have it in your space is certainly more important than fussing over the small details and differences. 


Aroma om deluxe diffuser in stone sitting on a kitchen counter

Though the differences in diffusers are largely aesthetic, there are certain features or functionalities that can affect your choice when investing in a new one. Let’s look at some of these a little closer:

Intermittent setting: this means that your diffuser has the capability to operate in an on/off manner; a typical intermittent setting for a diffuser is to run for 30 seconds on, and 30 seconds off, helping to extend the lifespan of one tank of water. Our popular Aroma Om is an example of a diffuser with an intermittent setting

Lights: many diffusers offer the choice of running your unit with or without an LED light. This light can act as a subtle nightlight or to help add ambience to a room.

Color, shape & style of the unit: choosing the diffuser you love most is half the fun! While we release limited edition diffusers throughout the year in different colors or materials, our core collection is just as impressive! Our best selling diffusers by aesthetic are the different variations of our Aroma Om (available year round in white or stone) and our Aroma (Be) Free

Run time: here’s a simple way to determine the run time of a unit; the larger the water tank, the longer the unit can run. Many people make purchasing decisions based on the size of a room they want to place the diffuser in, or how long they would like it to run for. A great example of a small unit with a shorter run time is our Aroma Geni, with a run time of 4-8 hours on a continuous or intermittent setting. An example of a unit with a lengthy run time is our largest unit, the Aroma Om Deluxe, running between 11-22 hours, depending on a high or low setting.

When considering the run time of a diffuser, there are a number of factors. Essentially, the harder your unit has to work, the quicker it will move through the amount of water in the tank. Examples include: diffusing with a door or window open, spaces that are carpeted (it’s possible they retain more dust and dander), spaces with pets (pet hair can linger in the air), or spaces in which there is compromised air quality, like smoke or other irritants. 


A person journaling on a couch with a Saje diffuser sitting on a table beside them

When it comes to diffusers at Saje, safety and efficacy are always being considered. All of our diffusers are designed with you in mind, and we want you to feel safe and secure when making decisions about which products you bring into your home. We love our diffusers for a number of different reasons! Some of our favorite benefits and features include:

Refresh the air: diffusers create negative ions that bind to positive ions in the air and remove them from your breathing space.

Auto shut off: all of our diffusers are either on a timer, which means they will shut off automatically when the preset run time has been reached, or they have a sensor that detects when the water has reached a certain low level in the tank and will turn off automatically. This means they present very low risk in your home, giving you a sense of security when using them, even at bedtime!

No heat or steam: this is an important distinction because what is produced from diffusers is cool mist. They use only electric power to function, and there is no open flame or heating mechanism present

Add moisture to the air: though this is not their primary function due to the smaller tank size relative to a humidifier, diffusers are a great way to add a small amount of moisture to your air, and can even help increase humidity for certain houseplants

No matter where or when you choose to use a diffuser in your space, we believe this is one of the simplest and most beneficial ways to support your wellness. Invite refreshed and revitalized air into your space; check out our full line of diffusers and diffuser blends here.

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