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The best wellness gifts for teachers

Last Updated: 03/11/2024


The teachers in our lives, whether they’re ours or our children’s, are a special group of individuals. These are people who give of themselves endlessly and tirelessly, in the classroom and in the group Zoom chat, for the betterment of the people on the receiving end of the learning lessons.

Teachers are synonymous with leaders, mentors and friends, and we want to offer holiday gift ideas this season as a token of appreciation for the support and guidance they offer.

Wellness gifts for teachers


One of the ways we think you can have a positive impact on a teacher’s environment, be it teaching from home or in the classroom, is by adding a diffuser to their space. While diffusers are beautiful to look at, adding a decorative element to any room in which they’re placed, they’re also highly functional and supportive of naturally scented, refreshed air.

Diffusers release negative ions which help to freshen the air and elevate our well-being, naturally. They use water and pure essential oil to create mist that carries beneficial essential oil molecules throughout an area, creating a welcoming atmosphere that can be scented according to one’s preference.

Here are the diffusers we’ll be gifting our teachers this year:

Aroma Nook: Daytime Edition: we think this is the perfect starter kit for those who are new to diffusing. This unit is made from a stylish polyresin in a cool, creamy off-white color with a textured herringbone finish. Offering both a continuous and intermittent setting, this unit can run for between 4-8 hours.

Aroma Nook Diffuser and Liquid Sunshine Diffuser Blend

Aroma Light Starry Night: back by popular demand, the Aroma Light Starry Night is one of our community’s most loved home décor pieces. This is an electric diffuser, powered by a flame-free halogen bulb to create a warm, ambient glow and provide a gentle scent experience. This unit has three tap-on, tap-off brightness settings, meaning it can also act as a nightlight or reading lamp.


We would be remiss to not share our favorite scents of the season as gifting ideas for our teachers. These warm and cozy diffuser blends fly off the shelf each season in part because they do such a wonderful job at reminding us to take deep breaths as needed, slow down, and be connected.

Here are the diffuser blends we’ll be gifting our teachers this year:

Deep Forest: formulated with outdoorsy notes of pine needle and balsam fir alongside sweet and spicy orange and clove, this is a special blend for those who like to imagine themselves curled up near a campfire.

Joyful Blooms: this is a brand-new diffuser blend exclusive to holiday 2021 that’s been formulated with floral and uplifting tangerine, jasmine and magnolia. This blend helps to boost confidence, increase emotional wellness and enhance our overall well-being.

Sugar Plum Fairy: one of the most popular and well-loved diffuser blends in Saje history, the iconic Sugar Plum Fairy is back and better than ever! This sweet and spicy blend includes balsam peru, patchouli, fennel and cinnamon to make you feel like you’re surrounded by sugar cookies and shortbread while the snow falls outside. 


While some of our teachers celebrate a well-deserved break during the holidays, we want to thank them for their efforts with wellness gifts that encourage slowing down and taking mindful, intentional time for themselves.

Here are the mindfulness products we’ll be gifting our teachers this year:

Pocket Farmacy - Mindful Edition: a collection of five of our well-loved roll-ons to support reflection and inner stillness, boosting emotional energy, feeling peaceful and calmed, leaning into one’s inner confidence and encouraging connection through feeling uplifted. These roll-ons can be applied anywhere that intuitively feels good, like the temples, wrists, jawline and behind the ears and come in a convenient zippered case that can help them take wellness on the go.

Mindful Moments: this is an essentials kit that was created to encourage mindfulness, reflection and carving out me-time. Included is a woody, grounding roll-on called Reflection, a soothing personal mist called Unwind and a limited-edition journal created in partnership with Stil Classics to offer the many benefits of journaling like keeping your thoughts organized and encouraging goal setting (and achieving!)



No one deserves to be pampered and fussed over like our teachers. They’re so used to putting others first, which is why we’re making recommendations on wellness products we think will support them in prioritizing self-care.

Here are the self-care products we’ll be gifting our teachers this year:

Big Night In: this at-home spa kit contains four products to de-stress, feel balanced and relaxed, all from the comfort of their own home. This is a great kit to introduce our skincare and body care categories, and to help them elevate their wellness with products like Detox Mode, our purifying clay face mask, soothing Stress Release bath salts, relaxing Lavender Mist and nourishing Lavender & Friends body lotion.

Sugar Plum Fairy duo: we’ve already shared how popular this scent is, and for the first time ever we’re offering it as part of our body care collection. This bath and shower duo contains our popular Jute & Joy, a cleansing and exfoliating soap-filled wash pad and our rich, creamy body butter, perfect for deeply hydrating the skin. Both products have the sweet and spicy scent of Sugar Plum Fairy, with warm and inviting grapefruit, balsam peru and cinnamon.


It’s easy to imagine that some people feel conflicted about gifting theirs or their children’s teachers; is it appropriate to offer a gift during the holidays? Here are a few of our thoughts:

  1. Yes, it’s ok. It’s absolutely appropriate to offer a gift or a token of appreciation to the hardworking teachers in your life. Saying thank you to someone for the role they play in your life, especially when done with intentionality, is always ok.
  2. Gifts are appreciated. We do believe that everyone feels celebrated and acknowledged when receiving a gift, but it’s important to note that it’s not necessary. It’s not the splashy and pricey gifts that get noticed – it's the ones that feel meaningful.
  3. Get creative! A fun and thoughtful way to thank and acknowledge the teachers in your life is by personalized gift giving that speaks to their individual likes and interests. If you notice they start each morning with a cup of tea or coffee, you might choose a gift in that category. If they mention being a runner or a yogi you can choose products to support their active lifestyle. Many of the best gifts received are those that hold meaning that shows how much you care.
Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.

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