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Simple recommendations on how to use a diffuser

Last Updated: 12/17/2023

How to use a diffuser: first, you have to choose the one you like the most 

Diffusers have been having a moment in the sun in recent years, and this really is no accident. Once you become familiar with what a diffuser is, how it works and how it can bring health benefits into your life, you’ll have no difficult time understanding how and why diffusers have become so popular and important to many people’s at home wellness routine.

A diffuser is a unit that uses an ultrasonic vibrating disc to break up water and 100% pure essential oils into tiny molecules that refresh your air and scent your home through cool, heat-free mist. Diffusers can also support in adding a small amount of humidity to your air, helping to prevent dryness and keep you feeling awesome. 

Aroma Om Diffuser

Another of the most important factors in choosing a diffuser for your space is selecting the one you like the most. Because all diffusers use the same functionality and work almost the exact same way, choosing one based on color, material and then features like run time and light options is the best way to end up with a diffuser you look forward to using each day. Below we’re sharing three of our all-time favorites:

Aroma Om Stone: this diffuser is not only made from a beautiful grey cement stone, it also offers one of our favorite features on a diffuser which is intermittent functionality. In simple terms, this means that the diffuser has the ability to run for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, extending the average running time of this unit from 3-6 hours.

Aroma Om Deluxe White: the shape and size of this unit makes it a surefire crowd pleaser in any home. Made from a durable white ceramic, this unit is also available in black ceramic and grey cement stone. Our largest unit to date, you can choose a low or high setting and run this diffuser for between 11-22 hours.

Aroma Om Deluxe Diffuser

How to use a diffuser: next, we teach you how to use your new diffuser at home

Now that we’ve taken care of the fun part, choosing a new diffuser for your space, it’s important that you understand how to use your new diffuser at home.

In terms of how to use a diffuser, the instructions are easy to follow but very important in keeping your unit functioning optimally. The first step is to fill the unit using cool, clean tap water. A best practice is to pour water from a vessel into the unit, rather than filling the unit under the running tap water. Filling from the tap increases the likelihood of excess water getting into the sensitive parts of the diffuser like the air vents, which can cause your unit to malfunction. You also want to be certain not to fill the unit past the ‘max fill’ line, which is clearly visible on the inner tank of any of our diffusers. Filling past this line can result in the cool mist becoming trapped in the unit and causing leakage or overflow. A rule of thumb? Fill to just below the ‘max fill’ line each time.

Next, you’ll want to add drops from a diffuser blend of your choice. When it comes to the number of drops this is largely based on personal preference, though we do have some guidelines we suggest you follow. Our golden rule is that you should start small because you can add but you can’t subtract. This means that if you’d like to increase the strength of the scent you can add a few additional drops, but if you find the scent to be overwhelming you unfortunately cannot remove any of the essential oils once they’ve been added. We like to start with approximately 5-10 drops, depending on the size of your diffuser and depending on the strength of the blend you’ve chosen. You’ll notice you may want to add more drops of light, refreshing scents like citruses and you may want to use less of rich, earthy notes which tend to last longer and offer a stronger scent profile.

Lastly, not all essential oils are created equally when it comes to diffusing. The #1 important rule to follow is to only diffuse 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils that contain no fillers or carrier oils. Many of our topical body products for example are blended with grapeseed or jojoba oil, meaning they wouldn’t be safe to use in a diffuser. Carrier oils have a higher viscosity (or thickness) and the sensitive ultrasonic disc in a diffuser is not strong enough to break down these oils into molecules that can be dispersed in the air. When carrier oils get stuck or create build up in a diffuser this can cause your unit to malfunction. Again, only use 100% pure oils in your diffusers every time.

How to use a diffuser; cleaning and caring for your diffuser 

So now that your unit is up and running, the last step you need to know about how to use a diffuser is in relation to cleaning and maintaining your unit. Cleaning a diffuser is a quick and easy way to ensure it stays functional for a long time, and greatly reduces the likelihood of any malfunctions as a result of build up or resin from essential oils in the tank. Our preferred method for cleaning a diffuser is our diffuser care cleaning kit. Formulated specifically to help remove build up and grime from the inside of your diffuser, this kit comes with a mini size of our top selling Multi Clean all-purpose cleanser and a cotton cloth. Conversely, you can use a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a q-tip on the inside of your tank, paying careful attention to remove any build up near the ultrasonic disc. What not to use in your diffuser? Vinegar, witch hazel or any liquid other than water.

How to use a diffuser to refresh your air 

One of the ways you can use a diffuser is to refresh the air you’re breathing each day. Diffusers create a fine, cool mist that is comparable to the fresh, clean air you breathe in when you encounter water in nature that is in collision. Think of how you feel when you stand next to a waterfall, waves crashing against the beach, or when you step outside after a thunderstorm. That clean, clear breathing-feeling? It’s because the air is charged with negative ions that help to remove airborne irritants like dust and dander. 

How to use a diffuser to personalize the scent of your home

Another way to use a diffuser is to customize and personalize the way you want your home to smell. We know that scent is personal to each one of us, and we each have preferences when it comes to how we prefer to experience aroma in our space. At Saje we offer more than 25 diffuser blends that are part of our collection year round, as well as many more limited edition offerings throughout the year. Below are a few of our community’s favorite scents for the home:

Liquid Sunshine: far and away our most popular diffuser blend ever, this is a combination of bright and cheerful citruses like lime, bergamot and grapefruit. When you want your home to smell like fresh squeezed juice on a sunny summer day, reach for Liquid Sunshine.

Refresh: this crisp and refreshing blend of lemon, eucalyptus and spearmint is particularly effective when it comes to neutralizing odors from cooking, kids and pets and is both deodorizing and revitalizing. When you want your home to smell minty clean, reach for Refresh.

How to use a diffuser to create an atmosphere of how you want to feel

Lastly, you can use a diffuser to tailor a unique vibe or feeling in your home whenever you want to shift your atmosphere. Not only can essential oils be used to personalize how your home smells, they can also be used to personalize how your home feels. Here are a few of our top picks when it comes to creating a feeling:

Present Moment: when you want your home to feel grounded and tranquil, this blend of grapefruit, sandalwood and frankincense is just what you’ll need. We love this blend when we’re inviting stillness and a meditative state, or anytime you want to feel harmonized.

Unwind: so you want to feel warmed and comforted? Unwind was formulated with soothing lavender, mood lifting bergamot and spicy cinnamon to help evoke feelings of balance and coziness.

Dream State: when you’re looking to set the tone for rest and relaxation, Dream State can whisk you away. We’ve blended valerian, an herb prized for its ability to induce rest, with roman chamomile and ylang ylang to encourage your body and mind to slow down for the day.

Though the instructions for how to use a diffuser are simple and easy to follow, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating pairings of different diffusers and diffuser blends to meet your individual needs.

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