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5 ways you can use natural wellness products to support self care

Last Updated: 12/11/2023


As we each strive to take better care of ourselves, it becomes relevant to consider the quality of our products and the ingredients from which they are made. Are we truly investing in our self care if we aren’t being mindful of the potential harm we can cause to our bodies and minds by choosing ingredients that are less than awesome and that don’t support our full and complete well-being?

The self care industry is worth upwards of $450 billion dollars and one not-so-small facet is comprised of natural wellness products that support us in truly feeling our best, both in our bodies and our minds. Making intentional choices about the products that we use to support self care is just one way in which we can say to ourselves, “I think you’re worth it”.

Read on to learn more about some of the natural wellness products we use in various areas of our lives to support self care.


Stress is a tricky little devil, affecting all of us at different times in our lives, and sometimes when we least expect it. Managing stress is one of the single most important ways we can support our overall self care and well-being, which is why we love using gentle, natural products to help us remember to breathe deeper, take breaks and be kind to ourselves.

Stress Release roll-on: this powerful yet gentle blend of essential oils known to have a positive effect on our body when we’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed includes the most well-known oil in aromatherapy, lavender, as well as uplifting orange, balancing geranium and clary sage to soothe a busy mind. Apply as needed throughout the day along the forehead, neck and shoulders to bring peace and calm.

Person taking a Saje Breath
Mindful Edition Pocket Farmacy: one of our most sought-after wellness products is this curated kit that contains five essential oil roll-ons to support mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. These roll-ons were blended with carefully selected essential oils to help inspire reflection, connection and confidence, as well as to help us protect our energy and to invite us to unwind. Within this kit you’ll find essential oils that are well regarded for the way they benefit the body and mind like frankincense, cedarwood, ginger, spearmint and sage, each formulated to help support our overall mental health and well-being.


We know that sleep is at the top of the list when it comes to important ways to take care of ourselves, as proper, high quality sleep plays a part in everything we do. From energy levels to digestion and the appearance of our skin, when we prioritize sleep we prioritize self care.

Sleep Well roll-on: when you want to encourage both your body and mind to feel calm, to feel tranquil and to move towards a state of deep rest and relaxation, reach for this blend of valerian, an herb prized for its calming properties, lavender, jasmine and vetiver. Our Community loves this product for a reason - it works. Roll along the temples, throat, bottoms of the feet and wrists at bedtime for a gentle and supportive nudge towards rest.

Sleep Well body butter: our same tranquil and rest-inducing formula is offered in a soothing, smoothing body butter that hydrates and nourishes the skin while also helping to lend its calming properties to our mind and body as we wind down for the night. Our personal favorite way to use it is after a warm bath or shower when our skin is still damp and primed for receiving moisture.


Pain is… a pain. Pain is stressful to the body and the mind, it can interfere with our daily activities and it can impede our ability to accomplish what we want to in a day. Making choices to include products that are effective in reducing symptoms of pain like soreness and aching is one of the ways we honor our need for self care.

Muscle Melt bath salt soak: after a long day, we love to soak and decompress our hardworking muscles and tissues in a warm, soothing bath. We formulated this bath salt soak with essential oils known to be balancing, relieving and renewing like sweet birch, rosemary and roman chamomile. Add 2-5 tablespoons of salts to your full bath and soak for at least 20 minutes for optimal results.

Pain Release roll-on: for stubborn aches and pains in areas of muscular soreness like biceps, calves, quads or knees, Pain Release roll-on can be a welcome relief. This analgesic formula was created with warming and comforting rosemary and marjoram alongside cooling and soothing peppermint and calming roman chamomile for the release you need when you’re bogged down by pain.


Our favorite way to support self care in our home is through the use of air refreshing and humidifying diffusers and diffuser blends. These small but mighty ultrasonic units use clean, cool water and 100% pure essential oils to scent the air in your space and allow you to tailor exactly how you want to feel while you’re there.

Aroma Om Stone: A Community favorite diffuser is this sleek and stylish Aroma Om made from slate grey cement and a BPA-free plastic interior water reservoir. Offering both a continuous or intermittent setting and an optional LED light feature, this classic and timeless diffuser meshes effortlessly with any space or decor.

Aroma Om Cool Mist Diffuser in Stone
Liquid Sunshine diffuser blend: it’s our most loved diffuser blend for a reason! When you want to feel cheerful, when you want to uplifted, when you want to start your day on a bright note - reach for Liquid Sunshine. This zesty blend of citruses includes grapefruit, bergamot and lime to invigorate the senses and help you feel your best.


When it comes to self care, there is no one size fits all definition. Specifically when you think about introducing or incorporating natural wellness into your lifestyle, here are our best tips and tricks:

  1. Start small. It can feel overwhelming or defeating to think that you must replace all of your products at once or start from scratch. If you’re curious about swapping certain products you use for self care to natural, start with simple things like hand soap or body lotion to help ease the transition.
  2. Ask around. Getting the opinions and feedback from people you know and trust is a great place to start. Ask them what companies are reputable, who has the best prices and the highest quality ingredients - word of mouth is an excellent way to learn more about new products and companies.
  3. Be patient. Both with yourself and with your new products, patience is a virtue. It can take some time to adjust to new practices and products in our lives, but with a little patience and consistency, it will be like they’ve been there all along.
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