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The latest in essential oils and natural wellness products

Last Updated: 02/12/2024


Here at Saje, we know how important it is to our community that we continue to offer effective, innovative and sustainable wellness products that you can use to support everything from your skin and body care routines to your pain management and the health of the air in your home. We know it matters to you, our community, that we continue to choose ingredients and materials thoughtfully and carefully, in a way that is supportive of the health and well-being of you, your family and loved ones and of the environment. 

You’ve come to know and love Saje for our industry-leading selection of essential oil-based products and best-in-class, aesthetically pleasing diffusers that elevate the experience you’re looking to create in your space. Rest assured, 2022 will be no different! This article is showcasing some of the incredible products we’ve created so far this year to support you in meeting your wellness goals, and we encourage you to stay tuned throughout the year for even more plant-based goodies as they arrive. 

Read on to see what we’ve been up to so far this year: 


We endeavor for Saje to be your one stop shop for all your essential oil and personal-use plant-based product needs, which is why we introduced a foundational essential oil kit this year called Aromatherapy 101. Essential oils are at the heart of what we do, and for those who may be new to natural or are looking to do some experimenting with different scents at home, this kit is for you. 

We’ve includes four of the most important essential oils in aromatherapy that are known to have a wide array of uses and that also represent different scent profiles to help you grow your preferences and discover more of what speaks to you personally. Below are the essential oils you can expect to find in this new kit: 

Lavender, the most well-known of all essential oils, has a floral, sweet and herbal scent profile and is known for its calming and relaxing properties. Lavender may also be effective at soothing minor skin irritations and can promote a feeling of restfulness when inhaled or applied topically in a carrier oil. 

Eucalyptus, commonly referred to as ‘the breathing oil’ in aromatherapy, has a fresh, herbal, medicinal and clean scent profile, and is thought to evoke a spa-like experience for the senses, being used to encourage deep breathing and to ease minor respiratory discomfort. 

Orange is a sweet, tart and zesty citrus essential oil, known to help uplift the mood and to encourage positivity and a sunny disposition. We love to diffuse orange essential oil in our homes to help soothe restlessness, promote feeling cheerful and bring ease to the body and mind.  

Frankincense, an essential oil with a storied history for spiritual use, has a woody, herbal and balsamic scent profile and is known for being deeply grounding and meditative. This warm and earthy essential oil can promote feelings of clarity and ease, as well as helping to promote mental and emotional vitality and renewal. 


The Liquid Sunshine franchise of products is our best-selling collection of sweet and cheerful citrus-based products, thought to help you feel boosted and positive. This collection spans most of our categories, including being offered as a diffuser blend to bring joy and sweetness into your space, a foaming hand soap for a bright sensory experience at the sink and a number of body care products to enhance your bath or shower experience. 

We introduced Liquid Sunshine hand cream to complement our popular foaming hand soap mentioned above and to create a complete at-home routine for hand hygiene that leaves hands feeling (and smelling!) cleansed, refreshed and softened.  

The formula for this product has a twist we’ve not yet included as part of the Liquid Sunshine product family; we introduced an oil called palmarosa to this product, which brings a sweet and lightly floral scent and properties of deep hydration, helping to protect the skin’s moisture barrier and allowing skin to appear radiant, supple and nourished. It’s the zesty citrus of Liquid Sunshine you know and love with a touch of grassy, floral sweetness that helps elevate this formula to be a guaranteed fan favorite is no time!  


We’re thrilled to have been able to add a very important addition to our skincare collection this year, which is our new Bright Eyes eye cream. This is a rich and renewing eye cream that while suitable for all skin types, was formulated specifically for those who experience dry skin in their under-eye area or who identify as having aging skin concerns. 

This cream has a very subtle scent, reminiscent of green, sweet and herbaceous notes like fresh apples, and is made with a number of innovative ingredients designed to hydrate, brighten and illuminate the delicate eye area. We’ve used eyebright, a unique extract from the flowers of the eyebright plant that is known to protect the skin from environmental stressors and to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyaluronic acid to attract and retain water for the appearance of softness, guarana extract to protect the skin from free radicals and edelweiss extract, which is gentle on sensitive skin and helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines.  


As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best products on the market in the natural skincare category, we’ve expanded our Claritea collection with two additional products. Claritea is a skincare line designed for those who identify as having oily, acne or blemish prone skin and who are looking for products that are deeply cleansing and astringent while also helping to balance oil production, decongest pores and reduce the appearance of redness on the skin. 

The first new product, Claritea soap bar, is a cleanser designed to be used on both the face and body as desired. This is a charcoal-based soap, using oakwood charcoal to help remove impurities from your pores, absorb excess oil and provide a gentle exfoliation that promotes fresh, clear and healthy-looking skin. This soap bar also includes astringent and balancing essential oils of tea tree, geranium, patchouli and lavender.  

The second product is a blemish spot treatment called Claritea Blemish Care, which is designed to be used directly to affected areas. Formulated to cleanse, soothe and balance the skin when used as a spot treatment, this formula includes black cumin seed oil to reduce the appearance of redness while helping the skin retain moisture, jojoba seed oil to mirror the skin’s natural sebum production and tea tree, the most well-known of all essential oils for acne prone skin to promote freshness and clarity. 


The last new product to join our skincare collection is a hydrating and nutrient-dense clay face mask, designed to boost your radiance, glow and luminosity. Radiance Mode clay face mask contains a new-to-Saje clay ingredient called kisolite, sourced from the region of Canada we call home, beautiful British Columbia.  

Kisolite clay is a purifying, nutrient and mineral rich glacial clay that helps smooth the skin’s texture and promotes softness and suppleness. Sourced from the Kisameet Bay clay deposit on the central coast of BC, this clay is a source of mineral micronutrients that support skin’s cleansing and hydration.  

This rejuvenating and revitalizing clay face mask also contains white mulberry root, an antioxidant rich ingredient to calm visible signs of skin irritation like dryness or redness, helping promote even, bright and soothed skin tone and red mandarin, an essential oil used to clarify, calm and balance oil production in the skin.  


Lastly, we’re switching gears entirely to introduce our brand-new line of 100% natural, plant-based and nature-derived home cleaning products. This product line is a labor of love, having been in design and formulation for a number of years as we worked to produce the highest quality natural cleaning products available on the market today.  

We wanted to lower our environmental footprint while ensuring the products we produced meet the rigorous standards for quality and efficacy you’ve come to know and love at Saje. We created a line of products that are available as formulation concentrates, sold in small glass vials you can then add to the refillable glass bottle we’re offering to create highly efficacious home cleaning products simply by adding water at home. Let’s meet the lineup below: 

Multi-Surface Cleaning Kit: Black Spruce and Eucalyptus is a fresh, woody and herbal cleanser designed to deliver true multipurpose functionality across multiple surfaces like countertops, cupboards, sinks, appliances and more. This sustainable cleaner was formulated in a concentrate with a strategic combination of essential oils, plant-based surfactants and other water-softening agents intended to clean most common household surfaces, and includes essential oils of eucalyptus, black spruce and orange alongside plant-derived cleaning agents like caprylyl/capryl glucoside, derived from coconut oil, palm oil and sugars to act as a surfactant used to dislodge dirt, grease and grime from most household surfaces.     

Multi- Surface Cleaning Kit: Lemon and Grapefruit is another option we created as part of the multipurpose cleaning category, offering an option for those who prefer the fresh, clean-smelling and zesty scent of citrus essential oils. Formulated to tackle the same surfaces in the home, the high-quality essential oils we include in each of our formulations offer effective deep cleaning and disinfecting properties. Each of the products in our home cleaning collection is packaged in opaque amber glass bottles to help prevent light exposure which can negatively impact the lifespan of the product, which is why we always recommend storing in a cool, dark place. 

Bathroom Cleaning Kit: tea tree and lemon: we formulated this product to deliver powerful cleaning results on common bathroom surfaces like the tub, tiles, shower and sink. The scent of this product was formulated as fresh, herbal, citrus and deodorizing, perfect for those who are looking to make the switch to natural home cleaning and who want products that leave their space feeling cleansed and refreshed. We used essential oils like thyme, best known as a natural antimicrobial, tea tree to add a fresh and cleansing aroma alongside its natural deodorizing properties and lemon for its naturally occurring antibacterial and antioxidant properties.  

Glass and Mirror Cleaning Kit: grapefruit and palmarosa, the last product we’ve introduced as part of our home cleaning collection is this citrusy, herbal, fresh and uplifting cleanser for the glass and mirrored surfaces in your home, designed to provide streak-free shine to surfaces including glass stovetops, stainless steel and ceramic. The formula of this product includes vinegar to help dissolve dirt, grease and grime, ethyl alcohol derived from corn to help prevent streaking on surfaces and essential oils of lemon, lemon eucalyptus, grapefruit and palmarosa to cleanse deeply, remove unpleasant odors, brighten and leave surfaces looking renewed and refreshed. 


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