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How to add natural products to your health & wellness routine

Last Updated: 12/11/2023


How many of us can confidently raise our hand if asked whether or not we have a solid health & wellness routine in place? According to Northwestern Medicine, those of us without any sort of routine in place are more likely to experience stress, poor sleeping, poor eating habits, poor physical condition and ineffective use of time. They go on to say, “People are creatures of habit, and routines offer a way to promote health and wellness through structure and organization. Having a routine can greatly improve your health.”

At Saje, we believe that using 100% plant and nature derived products to take care of our bodies is instrumental in helping to support our overall well-being and longevity. We’re sharing some of our well-loved health & wellness products to support you from head to toe.


Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and thus deserves a little extra time and attention spent taking care of it! By creating regular routines for our skin, from morning and evening facial rituals to post-bath or shower practices, our skin will thank us in the long run for carving out extra time to treat it right.

Health & wellness products we love:

Bare Face Complete Makeup Remover: almost nothing is more important in skincare than carefully removing your makeup at the end of each day. A buildup of makeup from improper removal can result in everything from trapped dirt and oil to clogging pores and eventually breakouts. Gently remove your face and eye makeup with a calming blend of coconut oil, lavender and chamomile that treats your delicate skin with kindness. Coconut oil is known to nourish the skin and promote the appearance of renewal while the herbal and floral essence of lavender can help relieve irritations like dryness and redness.

Bare Face Makeup Remover

Jute & Joy Tingle Mint: our best-selling body care product, the Jute & Joy is a soap-filled washpad for cleansing and gently exfoliating the skin as part of your regular daily routine. Jute is a biodegradable vegetal fiber that softens when wet and is effective at not only gently scrubbing dry and dead skin cells from the body, but at carrying the foam and suds of our 100% natural soap to your skin. The Tingle Mint scent is fresh, minty and invigorating for a natural pick-me-up.


Your hardworking body deserves to be comforted and soothed as part of your health & wellness practices. Whether you’ve been hitting the gym or pounding the pavement, an important part of your recovery should include products that are specifically formulated to ease and renew the body, helping to alleviate soreness, tension, aches and pains.

Health & wellness products we love:

Extra Strength roll-on: this pain relieving roll-on was formulated specifically for helping to ease the soreness and tightness that occurs in the body as a result of vigorous exercise, movement or as a result of injury and as part of recovery. Powerful, stimulating essential oils of sweet birch, peppermint and clove work to provide a warming and cooling sensation to the muscles and tissues to help counter the effects of strains and sprains, with an extra large roll-on for easy application.

Extra Strength Roll-On - Saje Natural Wellness

Muscle Melt body butter: decompress and put your body at ease with this luxurious body care product that will soften, hydrate and nourish the skin while also helping to soothe and ease muscles. Rosemary warms and stimulates, sweet birch revitalizes and roman chamomile works to relieve overworked muscles.


Getting the required 7-9 hours of sleep each night for optimal health should be priority number one on each of our health & wellness checklists. Setting yourself up to wind down each night is one of the ways you can increase your chances of drifting off to dreamland with ease. We love to curate a bedtime ritual each night that consists of a few products with ingredients that are known to support rest and relaxation for both the body and mind.

Health & wellness products we love:

Sleep Well roll-on: one of our most popular products for a reason, this calming, relaxing and peaceful blend of soothing and balancing essential oils has been an important part of many bedtime rituals for many years. Sleep Well is a powerful and grounding blend of valerian, an herb prized for its abilities to help still the mind and body, roman chamomile to soothe and ease, lavender to help bring tranquility to the system and vetiver to keep you in harmony. Roll along the wrists, throat, temples and pulse points as desired in the evening time.

Sleep Well Roll-On

Unwind diffuser blend: relax and let go with this floral, citrusy and spicy diffuser blend with a warm and comforting blend of lavender, bergamot, orange, geranium and cinnamon. We like to add 10-15 drops of Unwind to our favorite diffuser after dinner and help set the tone for rest as we move our minds and bodies towards stillness.


One of the major ailments we all struggle with at one time or another is stress. Stress is a tricky little devil because it has the ability to impact so many other areas of our lives - from sleep quality to energy levels, when our bodies and minds are in stress, seemingly simple tasks can feel like moving mountains. One of the best ways to manage stress is to tackle it head on at the onset of symptoms, greatly reducing the odds of it becoming unmanageable.

Health & wellness products we love:

Stress Release roll-on: ah, even saying the name ‘Stress Release’ starts to put us at ease. This tension reducing formula, blended with known stress relievers and balancing essential oils like lavender, clary sage, orange and vetiver comes packaged in this convenient roll-on you can literally take anywhere; tuck into your jacket pocket or your backpack or purse so you have this handy wellness tool with you anywhere you go. When stress strikes, apply to the shoulders, back of the neck and other areas of the body where you can breathe deeply and remember to let go.

A person applying stress release roll-on to the wrist

Stress Release bath salt soak: there’s nothing like a warm and cozy bath to help the body begin to relax and re-regulate. Stress can take a lot out of us; creating intentional time and space to soak - both your body and your worries away - is one of the kindest treats we can offer ourselves. Comforting sea salt and epsom salt meets harmonizing lavender, roman chamomile and orange for the ultimate spa-like retreat to ease stress.


Of course in order to truly support ourselves in achieving a sustainable health & wellness routine, we need to look at our holistic wellness and consider the many different areas of our lives that are impacted each day. Rather than tackle all of our areas of interest at once, we like to consider simple swaps and small adjustments we can make to our routines to help give us a boost of wellness each day. Consider starting small with some of these health & wellness tips and tricks:

  1. Add just one extra cup of water per day. In the grand scheme of things, 1 cup of water is not a lot. But as with many things, small steps make a big difference in the long run. One extra cup of water per day is seven extra cups per week, and 30 extra cups per month!
  2. Create moments for intentional movement. Commit to moving for 1-3 minutes every hour. Maybe this means getting up from your desk and doing a few light stretches, calf raises, squats or jumping jacks. Getting our bodies moving even just an extra 15-20 minutes a day is very, very good for us.
  3. Try something new! Challenge yourself to try a new recipe or even just a new vegetable this week. Maybe you’ve never heard of kohlrabi or watercress; who knows if you’ve just found your new favorite stir fry ingredient!
  4. Go screen free for a minimum of 60 minutes before climbing into bed. Your circadian rhythm will thank you for limiting your exposure to blue lights earlier in the evening, and helping make the transition to bedtime that much easier.
  5. And while you’re at it, pick up a new book. Even committing to just 10 pages of reading each evening is an easy way to keep your mind sharp and help honor the commitment you’re making to going screen free earlier each night.
It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

—Mahatma Gandhi

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