Aroma Om Deluxe Diffuser placed on a side table
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Fashion meets function: Our favorite decorative diffusers

Last Updated: 12/14/2023

Introducing decorative diffusers to your home or workspace

Diffusers are one of the current hottest trends for home or workspace decor. Almost everywhere you look, diffusers are being showcased as part of staged homes and beautiful interior design shots, and all of this is for good reason. Made from versatile and dynamic materials like ceramic, polyresin, glass and stone, diffusers are a simple and elegant way to add a pop of color to your space or freshen up a tired looking bookshelf or side table. The question: What can a diffuser do besides look pretty in your space? The answer: A diffuser can have a tremendous impact on your personal wellness.

How do decorative diffusers work? 

Diffusers are designed with a simple purpose in mind, which is freshening the air in your space. Using an ultrasonic vibrating disc, clean water and 100% pure essential oils without any carrier oils or fillers, diffusers create a cool mist that produces negative ions that help to elevate your well-being. Because of the nature of diffusers being heat-free, they preserve the integrity and beneficial properties of the essential oils as they diffuse, and there is no additional heat or steam associated with the output.

Diffusers are a safe and effective way to impact the air in your home, and they provide two distinct benefits when using them:

  1. Diffusers allow you to customize the way you want your home to smell. Do you love waking up to the smell of freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning? You might choose a citrus scent. Do you feel most like yourself after a stroll in the woods? You might choose a tree scent. Is your kitchen table rarely without a fresh bouquet of flowers? You might choose a floral scent. Choosing the way you want your home to smell is a major factor for many people in adding a diffuser to their space.
  2. Diffusers allow you to tailor to your specific needs how you want to feel in your home. If your primary intention is to use a diffuser during the daytime or in your normal working hours, you might choose a blend of oils that are renowned to be uplifting and invigorating. If your primary intention is to use a diffuser during the evening or at bedtime, you might choose a blend of oils that are renowned to be peaceful and relaxing. Creating a personalized experience for how you want to feel in your space is a major benefit of owning a diffuser.

Decorative diffusers for small to medium sized rooms

At Saje we offer a wide range of diffusers to meet each of your unique needs and preferences. When selecting a diffuser for a smaller sized room like a bathroom, small bedroom, office or study, we have many options that offer different functionalities like run time and light features, all designed in a more compact size to better accommodate for smaller areas.

Diffusers for small to medium sized rooms and spaces:

Aroma Om white: our #1 best selling diffuser is this statement piece called the Aroma Om. This classic white diffuser has a sleek bottle-like shaped outer cover that’s made from sturdy white ceramic, with an interior water tank crafted from BPA-free plastic. The run time on this unit is 3-6 hours, offering both a continuous and intermittent (runs for 30 seconds on & 30 seconds off) setting, as well as an optional LED light feature, that can be used even when the diffuser is not running. Offering automatic shut-off and whisper quiet operation, the Aroma Om is a decorative diffuser that looks classic and timeless in any space. 

Aroma Om White Diffuser

Aroma Om stone: winner of Best Diffuser by Men’s Health Sleep Awards in 2020, the Aroma Om stone offers all of the same functionalities and features of the Aroma Om white (including run time and light feature options), but the cover is made from a gorgeous and durable slate grey cement. We love this sleek diffuser anywhere you want to add a touch of a classic color. 

Decorative diffusers for medium to large sized rooms

When it comes to medium to large sized rooms, we wanted to ensure that the diffusers we offer are still lovely to look at while providing a longer run time and a larger coverage area. Something to consider when choosing a diffuser for a larger sized room is that even though the run times may be considerably longer, it’s still prudent to ‘top up’ the essential oil in your unit every few hours to keep the scent fresh and at the forefront.

Diffusers for medium to large sized rooms and spaces:

Aroma Om deluxe white: the Aroma Om deluxe is the largest diffuser we offer, the full-size version of our popular Aroma Om. Designed specifically to support larger rooms and spaces, this diffuser offers a host of settings that are exclusive to this specific design. Made from classic white ceramic and BPA-free plastic, this diffuser boasts a number of run time features such as: timer settings for 1, 3 and 6 hour run times, or the option to let the unit run continuously. It also offers a low and high setting, which means if you select the ‘continuous’ option, your diffuser can run between 11 and up to 22 hours, depending on the low or high setting. These longer run times are ideal for large, open concept spaces like living rooms, dining rooms and large bedrooms, or anywhere you’re looking to enhance the air in your space. Lastly, this diffuser showcases a rotating colored LED light band that oscillates calmly from color to color while the diffuser is operating. You can choose to hold on one specific color, allow the colors to rotate, or choose to diffuse with the light off. With many unique offerings, the Aroma Om deluxe is perfect for someone who wants to truly customize their experience.

Aroma Om Deluxe Diffuser

Aroma Om deluxe stone: the next diffuser as part of our larger unit collection is also part of the Aroma Om deluxe family, this time offered as chic slate grey cement. Boasting all of the same capabilities of run time and timer settings as its companion unit in white, the main difference is in the optional LED light feature. Rather than a rotating color band, the Aroma Om deluxe stone has a bright or dim setting for a one toned light to offer a subtle ambience in any space.

A reminder with either of the deluxe options is regarding the need to add additional essential oils to your unit after a certain number of hours have passed. Because we offer only 100% pure essential oil blends that contain no fragrance, perfume or stabilizers, it’s normal for the scent to dissipate in a few hours as the essential oils evaporate naturally into the air. When running for up to 11-22 hours, you may choose to add a few extra drops every few hours to keep your scent fresh and renewed.

Diffuser blends to enhance the experience of your decorative diffusers

Now speaking of diffuser blends, one of the most exciting parts of choosing a new diffuser for your home is also getting to select new diffuser blends! With more than 20+ core collection diffuser blends to choose from, with additional limited edition blends trickling in throughout the year, we really are confident that we offer a blend for every mood and scent preference. Here are some of our Community’s top picks:

Aroma Om Diffuser and Liquid Sunshine Diffuser Blend

Liquid Sunshine diffuser blend: far and away our most popular diffuser blend, Liquid Sunshine is a crisp and cheerful blend of citruses designed to help provide a natural lift in your day. Blended with zesty grapefruit, citrusy bergamot and tart lime, diffuse this blend anytime you’re looking to invite light.

Deep Breath diffuser blend: this fresh, clearing and opening blend was formulated to help you feel inspired and invigorated. Blended with fresh eucalyptus, stimulating peppermint and balancing lavender, diffuse this blend whenever you want the experience of a cleansing and restorative deep breath.

Tranquility diffuser blend: our most popular diffuser blend for inspiring rest and relaxation, Tranquility is a blend of soothing lavender, restlessness-reducing roman chamomile and grounding marjoram. Diffuse this blend in the evening time when you’re looking to feel peaceful and calmed.

How do I know which decorative diffusers are right for me? 

One of the questions we get asked most when it comes to selecting a decorative diffuser is, “which one is the best?” Our answer is simple: the one you like the most, is the best one for you. The functionality of diffusers is very similar across the board; an ultrasonic vibrating disc that uses clean water and pure essential oils to create cool mist. Many of the differences are aesthetic, and come from the uniqueness of the shape, color, pattern, texture and materials that are used to create the diffuser covers. Some may be more practical than others (for example, some of our Community Members opt out of glass diffuser covers if they have kids or pets in the home), but at the end of the day, the one you like the most, that you see yourself happily filling and turning on everyday, is the right one for you.

Happy diffusing!

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