Summer Vibes: Creating the Perfect Home Ambiance with Essential Oils
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Summer Vibes: Creating the Perfect Home Ambiance with Essential Oils

Last Updated: 06/21/2024

Enhance the spirit of summer by introducing a delightful array of seasonal aromas via a diffuser blend and create an inviting atmosphere that calms and relaxes while evoking the season's warmth and vibrancy.

Essential oils offer a natural remedy to help improve your sense of well being 

For many people, having a memory pop up or a boost in your mood after encountering a familiar scent is part of the quintessential human experience.  

Whether it’s the association between peppermint and the joy of the holidays, or how the smell of lavender reminds us of the peace we felt when working in the garden, the power of aroma on our mood is undeniable. 

It also means that essential oils are a powerful tool that we can use to improve our overall well being: helping us to fill our homes with the right ambiance and even helping us to pivot between relaxation and productivity. 

The Effects of Summer Scents on Mood and Well Being

Summer aromas typically revolve around rejuvenating scents that match the season. Think of juicy citrus blends, fresh herbs, and lively flowers. Summer-like aromas lift the mood during the warmest season and help to improve people’s feelings of happiness, contentment, and energy levels. Summer is the time for outdoor adventures, basking in the sun, and admiring nature; we know the right summer scents can help bring those qualities indoors too.

Just in time: The Summer Collection at Saje

These limited-time diffuser blends harness the vitality, warmth, and joy of summer to bring relaxation and delight into your home.

Tidal Bath

Bring the beach or the coast home. Tidal Bath diffuser blend combines essential oils that evoke feelings of clear blue water, ocean aromas and exotic sweetness for a refreshing lift. Tidal Bath has Eucalyptus and Sweet Birch to facilitate calm breathing, clarity of the mind, and refreshment. There’s also a touch of Ylang Ylang for added support for the mind and body. Fill your space with a sense of refreshment and renewal, on demand with this limited edition blend.

May Chang Sun

Channel that golden-hour glow and create a serene and inspiring atmosphere, wherever and whenever you need it most. May Chang Sun, is the perfect blend for those looking to create a sense of comfort and relaxation; we think it feels like the warmth of a summertime sunset. Containing bright and lively may chang, earthy and soothing patchouli, and grounding sandalwood essential oils, the result is a comforting and balanced experience.

Magnolia Dew

Lush, laid back, and intimate, the Magnolia Dew blend harnesses D-limonene (found in grapefruit, magnolia, and ylang ylang oils), so you feel surrounded by uplifting and joyful feelings.  Now you can create the unparalleled feeling of picnicking under a magnolia tree on a summer day anywhere in your own home. 

How to use essential oil diffuser blends in your home

With summer aromas to enamor anyone, start filling your home with the blends that bring you peace and happiness. There’s a blend for every room, to bring out the designated intention of each of your spaces. After all, we tend not to use a home office and a kitchen for the same purpose. Differentiate them, create distinctions throughout your day, and make the rooms in your home work for you. Get in the right headspace each time you enter a different room.

Note: For all of our essential oil blends, follow the instructions on the bottle for the correct amount of drops to place in the diffuser; pure essential oil blends are highly concentrated and we always recommend that less is more. 

Help your mind connect to sleep with calming essential oils in the bedroom 

Bedrooms should always be a haven that promotes relaxation, safety, and peace. When they’re woven into your bedtime routine, the right essential oil aromas will help signal to your mind that it’s time to unwind. Some favourite essential oils for sleep include lavender and roman chamomile, which are believed to alleviate feelings of stress and calm the mind. Some of our best-selling blends for sleep include Dream State and Tranquility

Create an ambiance of togetherness with earthy or floral scents in the living room

Living rooms are well-named. After all, they truly are where we embrace our life together with our friends and family.  Whether you’re engaged in hosting friends and playing games, winding down watching movies, or spending quiet hours reading, the aroma of essential oils can help to pull the ambiance of the room together. Consider oils that blend energizing and comforting aromas, so you get the best of both worlds. Scents like eucalyptus, jasmine, and other floral aromas create an atmosphere you’ll look forward to returning to, time and time again. Our favorites for the living room? Unwind and Spa Day

Naturally energize your mood and increase productivity in your office with grapefruit and orange

Whether you work in a studio, a workshop, or simply have a laptop set up at a desk, you can use essential oils to delineate this space and set your mind up for productivity. Essential oils that contain notes of lemon, grapefruit, and rosemary are associated with helping to boost mental clarity as well as instilling a sense of alertness and focus. Try diffusing blends like Elevate or Energy

Create a sense of freshness with citrus essential oils in the kitchen

This is a unique space that normally has its own aromas from baking and cooking. The key is to use natural remedies that boost feelings of brightness and freshness while not interfering with other aromas coming from the kitchen. Use essential oils with citrus bases to blend seamlessly with the space. We love Liquid Sunshine and Refresh in our kitchen areas. 

Select a signature scent with essential oils for your bathroom

A bathroom might seem like a small space with only quick visits during the day. However, each of those visits has the power to impact your day, by creating an environment of inviting aroma. Remember that the bathroom is also the space we use to feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a bath or shower. Add to that feeling and improve your day each time you set foot in the bathroom with aromas that bring you peace and make you feel refreshed. For small spaces, we enjoy After the Rain or Deep Breath

Saje: Fill your home with summer

Bring the summer indoors with essential oils from Saje Natural Wellness. Shop the limited edition summer collection of essential oils: Tidal Bath, May Chang Sun, and Magnolia Dew.

Pair these summer aromas with our Aroma (Be) Free cordless and rechargeable oil diffuser, and bring the aromatherapeutic benefits with you throughout your home.

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