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Wellness for black Friday: The best essential oil starter kit to gift this holiday

Last Updated: 06/21/2023

We’ll introduce you to the essential oil starter kit that started it all!


‘Tis the season for gift giving, and Black Friday is historically known as one of the year’s biggest shopping days. As people everywhere go from store to store (or website to website!) in search of the best deals of the season, we’ve put together a compilation of some of our very favorite items to pick up for yourself or gift to your loved ones this year.

We’re going to share some of the hottest picks and big ticket items that will be included as part of our Black Friday offering, including some long standing favorites with a holiday twist. Read on for our recommendations for snagging the best Black Friday deals this year.


The essential oil starter kit to help introduce them to wellness


To help paint a picture of how Saje got started all those Black Friday’s ago, we wanted to share the first product kit that we ever launched that is still our top seller and community favorite today, the Pocket Farmacy.

This year, we’ve launched a limited edition version of the Pocket Farmacy that comes in a gorgeous white bag made of washable kraft material complete with gold zipper and botanical accents. Though the kit bag may look different this year, what’s inside has stayed the same for almost 30 years:


pocket farmacy


Peppermint Halo: the product that started it all! The first roll-on formulated at Saje is still our top selling product today. Blended with cooling and soothing peppermint to help ease symptoms of headaches, this product also contains eucalyptus to encourage deep breathing and lavender to relax the body when experiencing pain. Roll along temples and hairlines, wait a few minutes and get ready to feel better.

Immune: the hero product in our cough and cold line. This product is intended for use when you’re feeling under the weather or rundown. Formulated with cleansing and restorative ingredients like tea tree and eucalyptus, the secret ingredient in Immune is cinnamon, which acts like a warming hug from your mom when you’re not feeling well. Roll over the throat and chest whenever you experience symptoms of cough and cold.

Eater’s Digest: this product was created as a digestion easing remedy, intended to help soothe and ease symptoms of upset stomach with ingredients that are known to be gentle, like fennel, peppermint and roman chamomile. This product can be massaged into the tummy anytime you’re feeling discomfort or experiencing digestive upset.

Stress Release: one of the most popular products we offer for addressing symptoms of stress like mild anxiety, restlessness and nervousness. Many people experience this product as balancing and calming to both the mind and body, formulated with lavender, orange and clary sage. Try applying to temples, wrists, along the jawline and on the throat when you’re feeling stressed.

Pain Release: formulated to be warming and relieving to the muscles, this analgesic product is known to help ease stiffness and soreness caused by daily aches and pains. Blended with soothing rosemary, marjoram and roman chamomile, some of our favorite places to roll on Pain Release are our feet, ankles, knees and elbows.

12 Days of Wellness: we are so excited to offer a unique countdown calendar this year, filled with 12 different diffuser blends! Over the years, our community has shared how fun and surprising it is to have a countdown calendar that reminds you of being a child, though this time we’ve swapped chocolate for wellness products that can help you create the scent of your dreams in every room in your home! This kit contains blends that are formulated as uplifting and invigorating for the daytime as well as relaxing and grounding for the evening, so there’s something for every mood. Bonus? It includes two limited edition blends from our holiday collection!


12 days of wellness


The essential oil starter kit to support their mind and body to feel relaxed


These kits were curated this holiday season as the perfect introduction to both natural products to support you in feeling well and to products that can support in creating the conditions for feeling relaxed and at peace.

Peace of Mind: this four piece kit contains both limited edition and core collection products to help you welcome calm and tranquil vibes into your life, for both the relaxation of your body and your mind. Stress Release, our top seller for stress, is a roll-on that can be applied to the temples, wrists and jawline when you’re feeling pent up or overwhelmed, Unwind mist is a great personal spritz to introduce feelings of relaxation, the Relax-O-Ring works with the same principles of reflexology in that you massage your fingers to stimulate energy centers in the body and Deep Breath is a limited edition nasal inhaler blended with marjoram and eucalyptus to encourage clearing and clarifying deep breaths. This kit is perfect for the person in your life who is looking for a healthier way to manage their daily stresses and struggles.


peace of mind


Ready for Bed: our community loves our gifts that help support a regular nighttime routine, and we expect this kit to be no exception. This year’s Ready For Bed kit contains four products; Sleep Well roll-on for the pulse points and bottoms of the feet about 30 minutes before you climb into bed for the night, Tranquility body butter to moisturize the skin and also help the body feel calmed, a limited edition personal mist called Dream Rest that can also be misted over pillows and bedding and an Eye Shade made from recycled water bottles to help keep the light out your eyes at bedtime. This kit is perfect for someone who struggles to find a nighttime routine that helps them feel well rested, or someone who is looking for natural alternatives to synthetic bedtime products.


The essential oil starter kit to support their mind and body to feel uplifted


The other side of looking to feel calm and tranquil is the desire to feel boosted, uplifted and invigorated. Many people experience tiredness or sluggishness throughout the day, especially during the shorter days of the winter season, so these kits were curated to encourage a natural lift.

Clear Your Head: the products in this kit were selected to help relieve stress and tension while encouraging the body and mind to feel stimulated. This three piece kit includes a copper plated head massager, our well-loved Peppermint Halo wand, ideal for targeting the scalp and crown of the head, and a mini size Stress Release mist. This kit is perfect for someone who wants to feel relaxed yet uplifted, invigorated yet soothed.

Wake Up: our most energizing kit this holiday season contains three products to support feeling revived and refreshed. The Peppermint Halo wand is also included in this kit alongside our bright and cheery Energy roll-on and limited edition personal mist called Elevate. This kit is perfect for someone who works from home and needs a midday lift or anyone who wants to naturally recharge whenever they’re feeling sluggish.


The essential oil starter kit to support the hygiene of their home


Making the switch to natural feels, well, natural when it comes to skin and body care products. What we think less about sometimes are the products we use as part of our daily cleansing and hygiene routines, like soap. We’ve introduced some festive holiday scents to conventional hygiene products this year that will make you feel right at ho-ho-home.

Thankful Trio: a brand new scent for holiday this year, Thankful is a trio of products formulated with warm, spicy and comforting ingredients like orange, vanilla and cinnamon. This kit contains a foaming hand soap, hand and body lotion and air spray. Packaged in matte white bottles, this set fits neutrally into any home decor or color scheme, and helps elevate the look and feel of your bathroom or kitchen counters. As with all of our soaps, lotions and sprays, this kit has been formulated without the use of any artificial fragrances, parabens or alcohols so your hands and home stay smelling fresh, clean and naturally healthy.


thankful trio


Peppermint Twist Duo: a returning classic holiday scent at Saje, Peppermint Twist is a creamy, citrusy-mint blend of peppermint, spearmint, orange and benzoin. Our twist on a natural candy cane, this sweet-scented duo is also free of artificial fragrances, parabens or alcohols so your hands stay cleansed, refreshed and hydrated.

Room Spray Kit: if air that is crisp, brightened, freshened and festive is what you seek, this four pack of limited edition natural air fresheners may be exactly what you’re looking for. This year our kit includes Peppermint Twist as well as brand new air spray scents Liquid Sunshine, a best-selling citrus blend of lime, mandarin and grapefruit for the first time ever as an air spray, Peaceful Slumber, a relaxing night time blend of marjoram, cajeput and myrtle and Fresh Start, an uplifting and multi purpose blend of nana mint, douglas fir and lemon. Spritz generously any time, in any room of your house, for a burst of fresh air.


room spray kit


You’ll want to try these essential oil starter kits for yourself!


Though the holidays are a time of giving, Black Friday always seems like the best time to stock up on some goodies for yourself as well. Our entire assortment of holiday products will be included as part of our Black Friday offering, so head on over to or visit your local stores to get in on the good times!

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