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Cheers to 25 Years

Last Updated: 03/19/2024

This year, we are raising our glasses to 25 years of wellness, awesomeness, growth and celebration, and we couldn’t have done any of it without you. The Pocket Farmacy has been with us the whole way, and we are so proud that it has supported the wellness of our community since 1992.

“What you put your attention on grows, and what you celebrate grows exponentially. Thank you for helping us spread global wellness for the past 25 years.”  – Co-Founders Kate & Jean-Pierre LeBlanc

Here’s some highlights from the last 25 years of our journey towards global wellness. For the full roundup of celebrations, pick up a Pocket Farmacy in your local Saje store.

Chapter 1: Special delivery

With the first shipment of lavender essential oil in hand, Kate and Jean-Pierre begin blending the first remedies.  

Chapter 2: Our roots

Saje starts small with a 200 sq ft location in North Vancouver's Lonsdale Quay. 

Chapter 3: Tape case throwback

Kate’s solution to keeping Jean-Pierre’s first five remedies organized was to put them in a cassette tape case – the Pocket Farmacy is born.

Chapter 4: Now diffusing

The first-ever Saje diffuser blend comes to life when Kate blends chamomile, marjoram, ylang ylang, lavender and orange to create Tranquility

Chapter 5: Practical magic

To help his young daughter sleep, Jean-Pierre creates a calming blend for kids called Aroma Fairy. Now all grown up (and VP Brand & Creative Director), Kiara has kept the Fairy Mist’ pink, sparkly packaging of her childhood to this day.

Chapter 6: Natural remedy pioneers

We begin pioneering efforts with Health Canada to have natural health products recognized and registered.

Chapter 7: Best in show

Saje wins "best booth" at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver. 

Chapter 8: Peaceful Warrior

Kate develops the Peaceful Warrior line to represent her perfect man (namely her husband and fellow Co-Founder, Jean-Pierre). 

Chapter 9: Kate’s Faves

Kate launches a monthly collection of her go-to products called ‘Kate’s Faves’, a program that continues today. 

Chapter 10: You’re invited

Jean-Pierre hosts his first Wholistic Wellness Seminar, paving the way for hundreds more across North America.

Chapter 11: Stop, drop and roll

We launch our double-ended remedy bottles so you can roll on your favourite blends or use the dropper.

Chapter 12: Natural product recognition

After almost 10 years of working with Health Canada, Saje becomes the first natural remedy company to be awarded Natural Product Numbers (NPNs) when 83 products are licensed in Canada.

Chapter 13: She’s the boss

Kate becomes CEO in 2014, and has since won three awards for women in leadership.

Chapter 14: Evolution

After 20 years, our stores are reimagined and now feature reclaimed wood, copper and living plant and moss walls.

Chapter 15: All in the family

Kiara, daughter of co-founders Kate and Jean-Pierre, starts out on our Customer Service Team, answering our help line. Ten years later, she becomes our VP Brand and Creative Director.

Chapter 16: Hello Toronto!

Kate realizes her dream of opening a store in her home province of Ontario when our doors open at Square One.

Chapter 17: Celebrating Janie

Janie Moore, Saje's 4th Team Member, becomes COO after 20 years helping to grow the business from one store to more than 50. 

Chapter 18: Saje at home

We launch our first Saje at Home concept in Vancouver, BC to set the stage for future development of natural home care and cleaning products (stay tuned!).

Chapter 19: I used to be a water bottle

Recycled water bottles are kept out of the landfill and transformed into our reusable kit packaging.

Chapter 20: #growth

Saje ranks on Profit 500's list of Fastest Growing Companies for three years in a row.

Chapter 21: Dream team

Our team grows from two to 1000 members in two decades.

Chapter 22: The aromaArt

We bring art to our diffuser collection for the first time by collaborating with Vancouver artist, Dana Mooney. 

Chapter 23: Hello neighbors

Saje opens its first US location in Malibu, California.

Chapter 24: Coast to coast

Saje is now spreading wellness from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast with the addition of our St. John's, Newfoundland location.

Chapter 25: The Big 5-0

We opened our 50th location – cheers to you, Pasadena, California!

100% Natural

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of natural excellence—when we say 100% natural, we actually mean it.

Cruelty free

We never test our products on animals because we believe in wellness for all, including our furry friends.

Formulation guarantee

Formulations that do not take care of your wellness needs can be refunded with the original receipt.

diffuser guarantee

Diffusers include lifetime efficacy guarantees—we happily repair or exchange non-functional units.