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Bring natural wellness into your life

Last Updated: 06/12/2023



If you’ve been with us here at Saje for a while, there’s no way you haven’t had the opportunity to try out some of our very well-loved, well-known and much appreciated fav-favorite wellness products.

Peppermint Halo for that cooling, tingling feeling on your head, neck and shoulders? You’ve tried it. The Aroma Om for a classic, timeless look of fashion and function in your home? You’ve bought it. Sleep Well rolled across the soles of your feet to help you feel rested at nighttime? Been there, done that.


We’re using this article to introduce you to some of the products we think deserve a standing ovation. It’s easy to overlook many products in our assortment because you already have your favorites or maybe because you’re not sure exactly where they fit in your routine. Let us take the guesswork out of the equation for you!

Read on to learn more about natural wellness products we hope you fall in love with.



This has been a truly loved favorite product among Saje employees for many, many years. We know that this product makes our skin feel soothed from dryness and exposure to the sun in the summertime, we know it helps ease chapped, sore winter dryness on the skin and we know the earthy, herbal aroma is going to make us feel instantly relaxed the first time we smell it.

We’re talking today about Carrot body butter. It’s luxurious, emollient-rich, thick and deeply hydrating. It’s made from cocoa seed butter that creates a protective barrier to lock moisture deep in the skin, antioxidant-rich shea butter to ward off signs of premature aging and carrot seed essential oil, a lesser-known essential oil that helps to rehydrate depleted skin, promotes suppleness and elasticity and provides relief from common skin irritations like dryness and redness. A year-round staple in many of our homes!




So you’re having trouble sleeping. Many of us have the experience of having difficulty falling asleep, having difficulty staying asleep or really, just having difficulty sleeping; sadly, it’s more common than you think. Some of the common culprits of difficulty sleeping include consuming caffeine too late in the day, spending too much time on our screens and increasing our blue light exposure, feeling worried and tense about the upcoming day or generally finding our mind and thoughts are racing.

We formulated Goodnight diffuser blend for the nights in which you want to encourage both your body and mind to wind down and when you want to create an oasis of peace and calm in your bedroom. What’s most special about this blend? The formula.

Traditional essential oils for rest include lavender and valerian root, which we offer in several products to support rest. We wanted to think outside the box and blend with some less commonly used essential oils that are still renowned for their soothing, balancing and stabilizing properties, which is what we did here.

We chose herbal and earthy frankincense, one of the most precious of all essential oils thought to be deeply supportive of our mental, emotional and spiritual health, warm and woody sandalwood, a natural relaxant to help us feel supported at nighttime, grassy and pungent vetiver, known to be grounding and calming and cedarwood, a fresh and woody oil to promote relaxation and to help ease a troubled mind. Try adding 8-10 drops to your favorite diffuser and get ready to drift off to dreamland.



Have you heard of Super Detox roll-on? This is a cleansing roll-on blend that we created to help relieve feelings of sluggishness and low vitality. Anytime you need a quick pick me up, you can hit reset with this fortifying and stimulating blend of essential oils known to help support your body in removing unnecessary waste and toxins.


We chose essential oils known to be cleansing, like lemon, a citrusy uplifter to brighten your thoughts and refresh your body, sweet and spicy fennel to help calm tummy troubles and ease the nerves and refreshing, woodsy and naturally astringent juniper berry to support calm and optimal wellness for the body and mind.

Apply by rolling across your forehead, under the chin, behind the ears and on the wrists for a supportive boost whenever you need it.



Everyone who knows us knows we’re huge fans of diffusers. We think that anytime you have the opportunity to refresh the air in your space and scent it naturally with cleansing and deodorizing essential oils, you should take it.

Room sprays are essentially a quick-acting way to simulate the experience of a diffuser. Rather than using an ultrasonic vibrating disc, room sprays use water in combination with essential oils to disperse a fine mist into the air through a trigger or nozzle. This convenient format makes using room sprays a fast and simple way to offer freshness and revitalization to any room in your home.


We love Safe Air because it smells just like you’d imagine the scent of spring cleaning meeting citruses and the forest. Think: fresh, uplifting, cleansing, odor-neutralizing, cheerful and outdoorsy. We’ve blended lofty, fragrant and invigorating pine, zesty and uplifting lemon, deeply cleansing and powerfully herbal tea tree and herbaceous, balsamic white thyme to provide odor-fighting properties. Spritz generously next time you’re looking to relieve a space of the scent of kids, pets, cooking odors, stinky gym shoes... (you get the idea).



Our 100% natural spray deodorants have been cult-favorite products at Saje for as long as we can remember. Not only are they highly effective at neutralizing odor-causing bacteria, they’re also packaged in a convenient and easy to take on-the-go format as a crystal fresh spray.

Last year, we added a new scent to our assortment for the first time. Let us be the first to introduce you to the gentle, light, floral and sweet scent of Goddess natural deodorant spray. We think this deodorant is fantastic because it won’t clog the pores, it won’t stain or leave residue on your clothing, (yes, even your darkest black fabrics!) and rather than masking odor, the key ingredient in the blend actually helps to neutralize odor before it starts.


The key ingredient we’re referring to is a liquified mineral salt called potassium alum. Naturally occurring and formed on sediment rock post-volcanic eruption, this superstar ingredient is too large to be absorbed into the body and therefore sits on the surface of the skin doing what it does best – forming a natural barrier protectant against bacteria that causes odor.

We’ve also included nourishing, uplifting, hydrating essential oils of orange, lime, palmarosa, ylang ylang and rose to tantalize the senses each time you apply.



If you’ve ever wondered if you could bottle up and take home with you the invigorating yet relaxing, refreshing but restorative soothing scents of a day at the spa, now you can!

We blended Spa Day diffuser blend to help make any space your sanctuary. It was our intention to create a peaceful and renewing spa-like environment you could recreate anywhere you imagined in your home.


We’ve blended fresh and woodsy black spruce to remind you of the freshness of the forest and to put your mind at ease, herbal and naturally astringent juniper berry to promote clarity, bright and sunny lemon to encourage a sunny disposition and herbal and balsamic labrador tea, an uncommon essential oil known to promote positivity by helping the mind and body to feel cleansed. Add 8-10 drops to your diffuser of choice and let yourself melt into relaxation.



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